Ultraverse Crisis


With the proliferation of the UltraGirl character created by SH Binder across multiple models and multiple producers, SH Binder began an ambitious idea to link the stories together in one narrative which allowed for the individual takes on the character while, at the same time, linking them in one, high-concept story. Inspired by DC Comics’ Crisis on Infinite Earths and a number of other influences, SH Binder created Ultraverse Crisis.

Videos commissioned prior to the Ultraverse Crisis were retroactively retitled as the Prelude to Ultraverse Crisis.

UltraGirl Meets The Collector01UltraGirl (Rachel Adams) confronts The Collector to stop his trafficking of local coeds. The Collector has other plans.
UltraGirl’s Strapped Struggle02After escaping The Collector, UltraGirl (Rachel Adams) makes a second attempt to bring him to justice.
UltraGirl Under Arrest03On Earth K, UltraGirl (Karly Salinas) is framed for a break in as part of an elaborate trap to gain possession of her power belt.
UltraGirl of Two Worlds04Two UltraGirls (Ayla Aysel and Whitney Morgan) from two different universes are transported to The Hunter’s Lair universe and become the latest victims to The Purge’s overall plans.
UltraGirl Crisis on Earth TM05UltraGirl (Terra Mizu) is captured, providing another power belt for The Purge.
UltraGirl Cover Compromised06UltraGirl (Jolene Hexx) is about to break a big story in her secret identity when she is caught by surprise and captured.
UltraGirl’s Humiliating Challenge07The Collector puts the UltraGirl of Earth WR (Raven Eve) to the test to see if her power belt is strong enough to be part of his plan.
UberGirl vs UltraGirl08The Collector solicits the help of UberGirl (Rachel Adams), the UltraGirl of Earth X, to capture the UltraGirl of Earth WR (Raven Eve).
UltraGirl Crisis in Quicksand09UltraGirl (Layla Lotus) is caught in a quicksand trap.
UltraGirl High Stakes Capture10UltraGirl (Layla Lotus) is left to brave the elements, tied to some stakes spreadeagle, while her power belt is taken to be sold to The Collector.
UltraGirl Trio Trap11UltraGirls from 3 universes (Constance, Rachel Adams, Claire Irons) arrive to break up a drug cartel but have been transported to the same universe and placed in diabolical peril as their power belts are sold to The Purge.
UltraGirl: Quadruple Peril11.2UltraGirl (Raven Eve) attempts to rescue 3 other UltraGirls (Constance, Rachel Adams, Claire Irons) but The Black Cat of Earth Q has plans for the 4 of them.
UltraGirl Countdown to Crisis12UltraGirl (Carissa Dumond) is transported to The Hunter’s Lair universe and makes a failed attempt to rescue her doppelganger (Whitney Morgan).
UltraGirl Crisis on Earth CI13UltraGirl from Earth BB (Blair Blouson) is set up as bait to capture UltraGirl (Claire Irons).
UltraGirl Crisis on Earth IFS14UltraGirls clash (Karly Salinas and Indica Jane Fetish) on Earth IFS while chasing down an evil drug lord.
The Mysterious Nemesis15UltraGirl (Tara Tied) is the latest victim of The Purge’s secret plan.
The Collector Collects UltraGirls16UltraGirl Prime and UltraGirl from Earth CCC (both played by Constance) are captured by The Collector.
UltraGirls in Crisis17UltraGirl (Claire Irons) travels to Earth L to warn that world’s UltraGirl (Jamie Knotts) of the coming crisis.
UltraGirl Crisis on Earth 218UltraGirl (Daisy Daniels) is searching for some clues when she is captured for another power belt for The Purge.
UltraGirl Returns19UltraGirl (Tilly McReese) is ambushed at home and transported to The Collector of her world.
UltraGirl Returns: The Arrival20UltraGirl (Tilly McReese) is taken to The Collector of her world for his purposes.
UltraGirl Crisis in Chains21Two UltraGirls (Kobe Lee and Arielle Lane) are chasing down Rex Ruthless when they are both captured, put in chains, their power belts sold to The Purge.
Tales From The Ultraverse21.2UltraGirl (Jacquelyn Velvets) is transported to another universe where she finds two doppelgangers (Kobe Lee and Arielle Lane) in chains. UltraGirl pledges to help the other two UltraGirls to get home but their captor has other plans.
UltraGirl: No Way Home21.33 UltraGirls from 3 different universes (KOBE LEE, ARIELLE LANE, JACQUELYN VELVETS) remain trapped on Earth D without their power belts. Their only chance to find their way home is to locate this universe’s UltraGirl and get her help.  Will Earth D’s UltraGirl (SAGE PILLAR) be able to save them all or will the 3 UltraGirls have NO WAY HOME?!
UltraGirl: Crisis on Earth SB22UltraGirl (Sarah Brooke) is captured and becomes the latest captive for her power belt.
UltraGirl: Countdown Continues23UltraGirl (Macy Nicole) travels to Earth TM to warn that universe’s UltraGirl (Tilly McReese) of the coming crisis and the battle between The Collector and The Purge.
UltraGirl Overcomes UberGirl24UberGirl (Rachel Adams) captures UltraGirl (Constance) to provide another power belt to The Purge, but the tables are turned on the villainous UberGirl.
UltraGirl Countdown to Crisis25The Black Cat of Earth 9 puts her UltraGirl (Ashley Lane) and Earth 1’s UltraGirl (Chrissy Marie) to the test.
UltraGirl and The Clear Cocoon26The Collector invades the home of UltraGirl (Bella Luxx) to gather another power belt for the coming crisis.
UltraGirls Bound in the Multiverse27The Black Cat captures the wrong UltraGirl (Blake LaVista) but eventually captures the right one (Cali Logan) for her power belt.
UltraGirl: Double Jeopardy28N-M-E captures UltraGirl (Bella Luxx) as bait for her doppelganger (Calisa Bliss)
UltraGirl: Zero HourUVC 05 UltraGirls from 5 different universes (Ayla Aysel, Carissa Dumond, Terra Mizu, Whitney Morgan, Slyyy) are collected by The Hunter! While he starts to lead them to their new home, the skies turn red … The Crisis is here.
UltraGirl: Oblivion Upon UsUVC 0.1UltraGirl (Dresden) is captured by Dr. Nemesis but he reluctantly frees UltraGirl as the skies turn red and the Crisis begins.
UltraGirl: Everywhere A CrisisUVC 0.2The UltraGirl of Earth AZ (Sage Pillar) heads to Earth DCA to warn her doppelganger (Tilly McReese) of the coming crisis.
The Hollyrope Multi Universe of the Captive Ultragirls!UVC 0.3The Ravager captures 4 UltraGirls (Mia Salome, Summer is Bound, July, Jade Rose) from across the multiverse in an effort to save his Earth.
Ultraverse Crisis episode 1: The Shadow Demon Strikes!UVC 1After a tiring day of fighting crime, UltraGirl (Rachel Adams) arrives home and is overcome by The Purge’s Shadow Demon.
Ultraverse Crisis episode 2: The Final CollectionUVC 2Now possessed by The Purge’s Shadow Demon, UltraGirl (Rachel Adams) heads to The Collector’s homeworld with one mission … to end The Collector and to take his collection of ultranium power belts for his own purposes.
Ultraverse Crisis episode 3: The SearchUVC 3After the disappearance of The Collector, the UltraGirls from Earth CS and Earth 17 (Rachel Adams) search for clues to the whereabouts of The Collector’s collected ultranium power belts. Instead, they find 2 UltraGirls (Constance) previously captured by The Collector. The 4 superheroines continue their search unaware that The Purge’s Shadow Demon awaits as The Collector’s universe is slated for destruction.