UltraGirlJolene Hexx as UltraGirl

UltraGirl: Cover Compromised
prelude to Ultraverse Crisis episode 6

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UltraGirl Cover Compromised (1080p mp4)
UltraGirl Cover Compromised (1080p wmv)
UltraGirl Cover Compromised (480p mp4)
UltraGirl Cover Compromised (480p wmv)

starring Jolene Hexx in her first appearance as UltraGirl
written by SH Binder
produced by ShinyBound
original release date: 8/23/2020
all images and clips ©SHINYBOUND.COM

synopsis: UltraGirl (Jolene Hexx) is about to break a big story in her secret identity when she is caught by surprise and captured.

fun facts: ShinyBound was the 4th producer I had worked with on an UltraGirl custom video and he shot Chrissy Marie‘s debut as UltraGirl in UltraGirl: Drained of Her Powers on 11/9/2018.

Now that I had in my head that the Crisis was going to be a multi-model, multi-producer series, I wanted to involve as many different producers that I had worked with, so I prioritized getting ShinyBound involved.

At the time I reached out, Jolene Hexx was on his schedule and she looked the part. This is also the first Crisis episode and the sixth custom video where UltraGirl appears in her secret identity.

preview from UltraGirl: Cover Compromised starring Jolene Hexx and produced by ShinyBound

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