UltraGirlUltraGirl Countdown to Crisis

UltraGirl: Countdown to Crisis
prelude to Ultraverse Crisis episode 12
sequel to UltraGirl of Two Worlds

purchase at Jim Hunter’s Lair: https://jimhunterslair.com/x-new/new-set.php?setid=106667&user=jimhunterslair

purchase at c4s: https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/8155/23995609/ultra-girl-countdown-to-crisis-mp4-hd-13750kbps

starring Carissa Dumond as the UltraGirl of Earth CD
starring Whitney Morgan as the UltraGirl of Earth MWM
produced by The Hunter’s Lair
written by SHBinder
original release date: 10/19/2020

synopsis: UltraGirl (Carissa Dumond) makes a failed attempt to rescue the UltraGirl of Earth MWM (Whitney Morgan).

fun facts: The title Countdown to Crisis is an homage to DC Comics’ Countdown to Infinite Crisis comic book released in March 2005.

I had reached out to Whitney and Carissa with the possibility of working together on an UltraGirl custom. Since Whitney had already starred in UltraGirl of Two Worlds, it provided an opportunity to insert Carissa into the Crisis storyline and work with Gigi & Jim at The Hunter’s Lair again in this soft sequel.

preview to UltraGirl: Countdown to Crisis starring Whitney Morgan and Carissa Dumond as UltraGirl produced by Hunter’s Lair

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