UltraGirlThe Black Cat gets the upper hand on UltraGirl and takes the superheroine's power belt!

UltraGirl: Crisis on Earth SB
prelude to Ultraverse Crisis episode 22

first appearance of Sarah Brooke as UltraGirl
with Blair Blouson as The Black Cat of Earth SB
produced by Bound In The Midwest
original release date: 2/26/2021

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UltraGirl: Crisis on Earth SB 720p
UltraGirl: Crisis on Earth SB (@ Bound In The Midwest)
UltraGirl: Crisis on Earth SB 1080p

synopsis: UltraGirl (Sarah Brooke) is on the trail of The Black Cat (Blair Blouson) and her hired Goon. Meanwhile across the multiverse The Purge sees an opportunity to obtain another ultranium power belt.

We find The Black Cat and Hired Goon discussing a plan of action when Black Cat prepares for a surprise of her own. While the goon waits, he is surprised by UltraGirl, they fight wrestle and he loses to her. UltraGirl then goes on the hunt for The Black Cat when she is attacked from behind!

With UltraGirl’s power belt removed, the villains have a powerful pantyhose duct tape mummification on her with a hitachi surprise.

Will UltraGirl escape in time to confront the coming crisis??!!

To be continued …

fun fact: Bound in the Midwest has produced UltraGirl videos with 14 different models. 14 is currently the most of any producer.