UltraGirl: Countdown Continues
prelude to Ultraverse Crisis episode 23

starring Tilly McReese as the UltraGirl of Earth TMC
and Macy Nikole as the UltraGirl of Earth MN
produced by Heroine Universe
written by SH Binder
release date: 3/18/2021

buy here: https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/32158/24697345/ultra-girl-countdown-continues-ug-macy-nikole-crash-lands-on-a-mission-with-tilly-mcreese-1920×1080-hd-mp4

synopsis: UltraGirl (Macy Nicole) travels to Earth TM to warn that universe’s UltraGirl (Tilly McReese) of the coming crisis and the battle between The Collector and The Purge.

fun facts: UltraGirl’s powers include a property where clothing that is tight to her body is made relatively indestructable by the power belt. This is an homage to the reboot of Superman by John Byrne launched with the Man of Steel mini-series in 1986 following Crisis on Infinite Earths. UltraGirl, played by Macy Nikole, arrives at Tilly’s home with her pantyhose torn to show the ordeal she went through to cross universes to warn other UltraGirls of the coming crisis.

This video includes another homage to the cover of the comic book Crisis on Infinite Earths #7 which featured the death of Supergirl.

The kissing scene between the two UltraGirls is an homage to some dialogue from Superman The Movie.

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