UltraGirlUltraGirl Under Arrest

UltraGirl Under Arrest
prelude to Ultraverse Crisis episode 3

starring Karly Salinas in her first appearance as UltraGirl
and starring Indica Jane Fetish
written by SH Binder
produced by Bound In The Midwest
original release date: 5/22/2020
all images and clips © boundinthemidwest

synopsis: On Earth K, UltraGirl (Karly Salinas) is framed for a break in as part of an elaborate trap to gain possession of her power belt.

fun fact: This shoot occurred during the pandemic and was commissioned through Bound In The Midwest and shot by Indica Jane Fetish and Karly Salinas remotely for the producer. Also, this video is the first mention of a different Earth designation (Earth K) and that “the crisis is coming.”

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UltraGirl Under Arrest (@ Bound In The Midwest)
UltraGirl Under Arrest (mp4)
UltraGirl Under Arrest (wmv)
preview of UltraGirl Under Arrest

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