UltraGirlTales from The UltraVerse produced by Velvets Fantasies

UltraGirl: Tales from the Ultraverse
continued from UltraGirls: Crisis in Chains produced by Kobe Lee
prelude to Ultraverse Crisis episode 21.2

For sale at velvetsfantasies.com: https://www.velvetsfantasies.com/tales-from-the-ultraverse.html

For sale at clips4sale: https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/195889/27322165/tales-from-the-ultraverse-ultragirl-ko-and-bondage

starring Jacquelyn Velvets, Kobe Lee and Arielle Lane
and James Barbatus as the Sable Skull
first produced video by Velvets Fantasies
original release date: 3/10/2023

synopsis: UltraGirl (Jacquelyn Velvets) is transported to Earth D where she finds two other UltraGirls (Kobe Lee and Arielle Lane), powerless, gagged and in chains. In a desperate attempt to get them home, Jacquelyn divides her power belt’s powers to empower her doppelgangers. But the Sable Skull traps the three of them in a siamese human knot.

Using their dwindling powers to escape and vanquish the Skull, they face the prospect of being stranded on Earth D, forced to live out their lives as normal women. Unless …

fun facts: This custom video was ordered 2 years after Crisis in Chains when an opportunity came up with Kobe Lee and Arielle Lane filming with Jacquelyn Velvets. This video also included another homage to the Siamese human knot from the Batman TV show.

The ending was inserted as a last-minute add by Jacquelyn to open the door for a sequel. The UltraGirls using their dwindling powers to destroy the villain was also a unique take on the UltraGirl character that had not been seen previously. SH Binder allowing the freedom for producers and models to add their own spin on the character is what ultimately led to the multiverse explanation for all of these different versions of UltraGirl and this Crisis storyline.

Jacquelyn’s opening line about “always being pulled into other universes” is a call back to her first appearance in The Princess and The Pendant produced by Kobe Lee.


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