UltraGirlscreenshot from "UltraGirls Bound in the Multiverse"

UltraGirls Bound in the Multiverse
prelude to Ultraverse Crisis episode 27
starring Cali Logan as UltraGirl
and Blake Lavista as UltraGirl
written by SH Binder
produced by Cali Logan
special effects by Flying Superheroes
original release date: 3/15/2023

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UltraGirls Bound in the Multiverse (mobile)
UltraGirls Bound in the Multiverse (HD)

synopsis: The Black Cat captures the wrong UltraGirl (Blake LaVista) but eventually captures the right one (Cali Logan) for her power belt.

fun facts: The version of UltraGirl played by Blake LaVista has been played often by Cali Logan for her website, http://www.caliloganland.com/. When I approached Cali about her version of UltraGirl appearing in an episode, she commented that the script reminded her of Into The Spider-Verse which she loved.

Cali’s version of UltraGirl had no standard origin, powers or weaknesses as she just adopted whatever origin, powers or weaknesses were in submitted scripts. For this script, I gave Blake’s UltraGirl a kryptonite weakness. It hasn’t been established as canon that the power belt only works for UltraGirl, so in this script, UltraGirl’s doppelganger played by Blake, is able to gain powers by touching the power belt. The special effect of the belt glowing while in contact with Blake was added by Flying Superheroes. This effect would be sporadically used in other UltraGirl videos.

The original script called for both UltraGirls working against the clock to get free as The Black Cat placed a bomb between them. Blake would escape once in contact with Cali’s power belt and fall on the bomb to smother it. The reference to the bomb had to be removed from the script due to limitations of the clip selling sites and credit card companies.

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