UltraGirl’s Humiliating Challenge (UltraGirl vs UberGirl part 1)
prelude to Ultraverse Crisis episode 7
The first of a two-parter UltraGirl vs UberGirl

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UltraGirl’s Humiliating Challenge (mp4 format)
UltraGirl’s Humiliating Challenge (wmv)

first appearance of Raven Eve as UltraGirl
written by Cinched & Secured and SH Binder
produced by Cinched & Secured
original release date: 9/30/2020

all images and clips © cinchedandsecured

synopsis: The Collector puts the UltraGirl of Earth WR (Raven Eve) to the test to see if her power belt is strong enough to be part of his plan.

fun facts: This was a great collaboration with Cinched & Secured. Over the years, I have been grateful for his professionalism, understanding, patience, and collaboration with me.

From a bullet point email from me, Cinched developed the first script introducing Rachel Adams as UberGirl (the evil doppelganger of UltraGirl from Earth X) and her battling Raven Eve as UltraGirl. We traded edits back and forth and that led to a custom video request.

This tweet: https://x.com/Cinched11/status/1298965261236801538?s=20 and the image of Raven Eve in chains led to an idea to write an additional script to precede the clash between UberGirl and UltraGirl. In this script, UltraGirl is captured and chained up by The Collector with her power belt on to test its strength. After a few emails and Twitter DMs back and forth, both scripts were finalized and were shot on the same day. This 2nd script was released as this part 1 of 2.

At the time of these two releases, it was the most special effects that Cinched & Secured did for a video.

preview to UltraGirl’s Humiliating Challenge starring Raven Eve and produced by Cinched & Secured

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