UltraGirlscene from UltraGirl: Quadruple Peril starring Constance, Rachel Adams, Claire Irons and Raven Eve as UltraGirl

UltraGirl: Quadruple Peril
prelude to Ultraverse Crisis episode 11.2
sequel to UltraGirl: Trio Trap

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starring Constance, Claire Irons, Rachel Adams and Raven Eve as UltraGirl
produced by Diva Dreams Productions
custom script by SH Binder
original release date: 10/1/2022

synopsis: UltraGirl (Raven Eve) attempts to rescue 3 other UltraGirls (Constance, Rachel Adams, Claire Irons) but The Black Cat of Earth Q has plans for the 4 of them.

fun facts: Almost 2 years after the release of UltraGirl: Trio Trap, a custom shoot day involving Constance, Rachel Adams, Claire Irons, and Raven Eve provided a unique opportunity to shoot this sequel, adding a 4th UltraGirl to this multiverse story. It also involved a revisit to the Siamese Human Knot and an homage to the actual escape from the original Batman TV episode.

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Adventures of UltraGirl

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