UltraGirlscreenshot from UltraGirl vs UberGirl part 2 starring Raven Eve and Rachel Adams produced by Cinched & Secured

UltraGirl vs UberGirl part 2
prelude to Ultraverse Crisis episode 8

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starring Raven Eve as UltraGirl
starring Rachel Adams in her first appearance as UberGirl
written by Cinched & Secured and SH Binder
produced by Cinched & Secured
original release date: 10/8/2020

all images and clips © cinchedandsecured

synopsis: The Collector solicits the help of UberGirl (Rachel Adams), the UltraGirl of Earth X, to capture the UltraGirl of Earth WR (Raven Eve).

fun facts: This is Rachel Adams’ first appearance as UberGirl, the evil UltraGirl of Earth X, an homage to the Supergirl of Earth X that appeared in the CW Television crossover event Crisis on Earth X that took place over 4 episodes on the TV shows Supergirl, Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. The name “UberGirl” is an homage to the character “UberMan” that appeared on Saturday Night Live on 1/27/1979.

At this time of this video, the power sets of UltraGirl and UberGirl were not 100% established but it was well established that their powers came from their power belts. The multiversal story arc though enabled for there to be variations between all of the UltraGirl appearances across multiple models and producers without a strict adherence to existing canon for my character.