UltraGirl in Quicksand

UltraGirl: Crisis in Quicksand
prelude to Ultraverse Crisis episode 9
part 1 of 2

first appearance Layla Lotus as UltraGirl
produced by Michael Leach Photo
written by SHBinder
original release date: 10/2/2020

synopsis: UltraGirl (Layla Lotus) is caught in a quicksand trap.

fun facts: This UltraGirl video was originally released on Clips4Sale but was subsequently removed. It is available for purchase at https://www.clubmpv.com/members/payperscene/791fsdvpmlpUltraGirlCrisisQuicksand.scene but requires a login.

This was the latest in a series of scripts to find a way to neutralize UltraGirl’s powers without immediately removing her power belt. In this story, the quicksand slowly made UltraGirl weaker until she succumbed (later pulled out by the villain).

The quicksand trap was an homage to the trap seen in Supergirl season 1 episode “Childish Things.”

preview of UltraGirl: Crisis in Quicksand starring Layla Lotus and produced by Michael Leach Photo
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