UltraGirlThe UltraGirls of Earth A and B confront Rex Ruthless in "UltraGirls: Crisis in Chains" produced by Kobe Lee

UltraGirls: Crisis in Chains
prelude to Ultraverse Crisis episode 21
starring Kobe Lee and Arielle Lane
produced by Kobe Lee
custom script by SHBinder
original release date: 1/25/2021

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synopsis: Two UltraGirls (Kobe Lee and Arielle Lane) are chasing down Rex Ruthless when they are both captured, put in chains, their power belts sold to The Purge.

fun facts: Rex Ruthless is a nod to Lex Luthor, arch-nemesis of Superman.

A part 2 sequel was envisioned 2 years later during a scheduled shoot with Kobe Lee and Arielle Lane visiting Jacquelyn Velvets’ studio.