UltraGirlThe UltraGirl of Earth L (Jamie Knotts) cradles the UltraGirl of Earth J (Claire Irons)

UltraGirl: UltraGirls in Crisis
prelude to Ultraverse Crisis episode 17

purchase here: https://theknottydiary.com/x-new/new-set.php?setid=119875

starring Claire Irons as the UltraGirl of Earth L
and Jamie Knotts as the UltraGirl of Earth J
written by SH Binder
produced by Jamie Knotts Fetish Palace
original release date: 12/27/2020

synopsis: UltraGirl (Claire Irons) travels to Earth J to warn that world’s UltraGirl (Jamie Knotts) of the coming crisis.

fun fact: This video features an homage to the iconic cover of Crisis on Infinite Earths issue 7 entitled “Beyond The Silent Night.” Since the beginning, I had been wanting to recreate this pose during the Ultraverse Crisis lead up and Claire’s visit to Jamie provided a great opportunity to get the shot in the series. You will see this pose repeated a couple of more times in the prelude to the Crisis.

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