UltraGirlThe UltraGirls of Earth 1 and 9 clash with The Black Cat of Earth 9

UltraGirl Countdown to Crisis


Chrissy Marie as the UltraGirl of Earth 1
Ashley Lane as the UltraGirl of Earth 9
and Star Nine as The Black Cat of Earth 9

Video Synopsis

UltraGirl (Ashley Lane) lands outside The Black Cat’s lair. She walks inside just as another UltraGirl (Chrissy Marie) is landing. The two Ultragirls come face to face inside, each accusing the other of being an impostor. The Black Cat watches and laughs as the Ultragirls trade blows, eventually ending their evenly paired match with the push of a button.

The Black Cat takes both of their belts and leaves them cleave gagged & tied up, slipping a timer into each of their costumes. The rival Ultragirls must work together if they want to free themselves in time . . .

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