UltraGirlUltraGirl In The Clutches of The Black Cat pt 2

UltraGirl In The Clutches of The Black Cat pt 2

continued from UltraGirl In The Clutches of The Black Cat pt 1

Release DateVideo
10/23/20UltraGirl In The Clutches of The Black Cat pt 1 (at Bondage Café)
12/3/20UltraGirl In The Clutches of The Black Cat pt 1 (C4S)
10/31/21UltraGirl In The Clutches of The Black Cat pt 2 (at Bondage Café)
12/31/20UltraGirl In The Clutches of The Black Cat pt 2 (C4S)

starring Chrissy Marie as UltraGirl
starring Ashley Lane as The Black Cat
produced by Jim Weathers at Bondage Cafe
written by SHBinder
original release date: 10/31/2020
all screencaps and pictures credited to Bondage Cafe

Video Synopsis

After a grueling evening under the influence of The Black Cat’s cat’s wand, UltraGirl awakens strapped to a table with a bucket hanging over her bootless, pantyhose-covered feet.

“What is this?!” UltraGirl defiantly demands. “This, my dear, is your final stop on the tour of my lair. Like I said, if I can’t have you as my slave, I’ll have you as my trophy!” The Black Cat sneers. With a twist of the wrist, The Black Cat opens a spigot on the bucket and a clear liquid substance begins to pour over UltraGirl’s helpless body.

“What are you doing to me?!” UltraGirl exclaims in horror. The Black Cat replies, “This polymer, once it hardens, will create a permanent, clear shell around your luscious body. Encasing you. Forever!”

UltraGirl begins to struggle mightily against the straps holding her down. Without her power belt, UltraGirl is unable to free herself. As she helplessly watches the polymer pour over her feet and legs, UltraGirl is ballgagged by The Black Cat so the polymer can “do its work.”

UltraGirl struggles as The Black Cat leaves her to her fate. With her body strapped down, UltraGirl is unable to stop the polymer from encasing her legs, arms, torso … UltraGirl’s struggles become more subdued as the polymer starts hardening. Almost immobilized, UltraGirl can only stare upward as the polymer pours down on her chin … then cheek … then …

We then cut to The Black Cat polishing her new trophy, UltraGirl, in her trophy room, on display in a heroic pose and a frozen smile on her face. To complete the display, The Black Cat puts UltraGirl’s boots and belt back in their proper places. The Black Cat skips away to complete her robbery spree as the statuesque UltraGirl stands still and silent, alone in The Black Cat’s trophy room. Does the slight wiggle of UltraGirl’s pinky give the superheroine any hope of escaping the clutches of The Black Cat??!!