UltraGirlScreenshot from UltraGirl Boundemic!

UltraGirl Boundemic!

starring Claire Irons as UltraGirl
Lil Mizz Unique as the nurse
Constance as Dr. Ouchie
produced by Bound In The Midwest
written by SHBinder
release date: 8/5/2021


UltraGirl (Claire Irons) heads to a local clinic to get her 2nd COVID-19 vaccine injection. The nurse (Lil Mizz Unique) dutifully administers the 2nd shot, excited to be helping her favorite superheroine.

But, the villainous Dr. Ouchie (Constance) has swapped out the vaccine for a knockout drug that quickly renders UltraGirl unconscious! With both the nurse and UltraGirl knocked out, Dr. Ouchie takes UltraGirl’s costume with plans to use her powers for her evil purposes! Can UltraGirl and the nurse escape from their bondage to turn the tables on Dr. Ouchie??!!

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