Jackson ReedJackson Reed as UltraGirl

first appearance of Jackson Reed as UltraGirl
produced by Dawnstar Productions
custom script by SHBinder
original release date: 11/7/2018


UltraGirl (wearing a blue leotard, red spandex shorts, and her ultra-sexy red boots) can’t seem to get a job working for the Justice League because they have a clause in their by-laws that says nobody with identical superpowers can be in the Justice League as an active member at the same time, and so she thinks she may do a better job if she joins the Mighty Avengers, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, that “other team” from across town. UltraGirl goes to apply hoping to meet the dreamy Captain America but instead she gets paired with Natasha Romanov, the “Black Widow” who decides to really interrogate her during the interview and find out why she’s really applying to be an Avenger.

During the interview, UltraGirl answers many questions and at one point is to admit what her greatest weakness is. UltraGirl is reluctant to offer the information, but she finally admits that her “ultra-belt” is the source of her amazing superpowers, and that without it she’s no stronger than any ordinary person. Hearing this, Black Widow immediately demands that UltraGirl hand over her ultra-belt so that they can determine how well she fares without it encircling her trim waistline. UltraGirl, now feeling the first pangs of insecurity, slowly detaches it and hands it over to Black Widow, immediately feeling her superpowers starting to fade as soon as it leaves her hands.

Now normal in every way, Black Widow insists on tying up UltraGirl in a hogtie to see how good UltraGirl’s escape artistry skills are. Pulling out lots of rope, UltraGirl is bound and now she can’t use her ultra-strength to snap the ropes like they were cherry licorice! Having to genuinely struggle in the ropes makes UltraGirl nervous, and she starts to call out for help. Black Widow defies her attempts to call out for help to Captain America by taking out a red ballgag from her own utility belt and securely buckling it into place over UltraGirl’s mouth.

Now gagged and bound, UltraGirl tries to get free but can’t do it without her ultra-powers. Despairing, she starts to get truly scared until Black Widow finally takes pity on her and calls off the challenge and walks in to untie her. UltraGirl is very relieved to finally be untied but then she discovers something else about Black Widow. It turns out that Black Widow is really a skrull “shapeshifter” who has been sent to infiltrate Earth and prepare it for a massive skrull invasion from outer space! It seems like Black Widow has already been captured by the skrulls and now that they know how to defeat UltraGirl (and have her precious ultra-belt in their clutches already)  they can now also bring in an agent to pose as UltraGirl as well!

As an added bonus after the end of the video is a short two and a half minute video (as a prequel) showing the capture of Black Widow by the skrulls. Black Widow is shoved against a wall, threatened with a plasma ray blaster, and to remove her “widow’s bite” bracelets and her utility belt after skrull scanners determine and confirm that they’re dangerous weapons. After being depowered, the skrulls admit to Black Widow that while their shape-shifting powers can replicate clothing, they can’t duplicate her wrist blasters or the weapons in her utility belt, and so they’ll need her ‘power items’ to complete the deception. The scene ends with a helpless Black Widow stripped of weapons and led away to a slave mine where she’ll toil as a prisoner for the rest of her life.

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