UltraGirl BondageUltraGirl bondage

first appearance of Alyssa Rose as UltraGirl
produced by Dawnstar Productions
custom video request by SHBinder
original release date: 4/26/2020

MADISON BLU as the Veronica Black and introducing ALYSSA ROSE as UltraGirl


Veronica Black is a woman with a problem.

Her regional manager, Gerrold, is a filthy male chauvinist pig. After regretfully giving him a pity-fuck at the company Christmas party last year, Veronica has never been able to get rid of Gerrold. He’s clingy, overbearing, lazy, demanding, and he views women as fuck toys brought to Earth for his own personal amusement.

Unfortunately, Veronica has been blackmailed for months by Gerrold into bringing him chicken wing waitresses, or run the risk of losing her job as general manager of a very popular chicken wing restaurant near Las Vegas. Veronica isn’t sure what happens to the clueless chicken wing waitresses she brings Gerrold after she subdues them with a sleepy rag, but she knows that nobody ever sees any of them ever again.

This time, Gerrold wants victim number seven, and he implores Veronica to make it happen. They target Kara, the new serving girl recently hired on. She’s sexy, has a fantastic ass, and looks great in the required ultra-tight server’s uniform with the suntan-colored pantyhose. She’s also arrogant, rude, socially dense, and politically incorrect. Veronica knows that if Kara goes missing like all of the other girls, nobody will miss her. She’s friendless at the restaurant.

What Veronica does not know is that “Kara” is in reality the superheroine known as UltraGirl, working an undercover sting operation to discover what has happened to all of the missing chicken wing servers. Kara’s guise is to try and get inside information about where all the waitresses have disappeared to, and she’s very close to discovering Gerrold and Veronica’s little trafficking and white slavery ring.

Calling in Kara, Veronica points out that Kara’s serving uniform is not up to code and mentions her trying to cover up her cleavage and not using genuine white tennis shoes with her skintight uniform. Veronica uses a spray bottle and discretely spritzes the inside of Kara’s non-compliant athletic shoe with a dose of C-H-CL3, and uses it like a compress and clamps it tightly over Kara’s nose and mouth. The surprised Kara tries to fight back, but the heady fumes quickly overwhelm her and make her feel woozy, causing her to fall to the floor insensate after a minute or two of concentrated exposure and dedicated struggle.

Gerrold enters the room, and wants Kara to be loaded into the trunk of his car, to join the other missing girls at some undisclosed location. As the two of them leave to pull the SUV around, Kara recovers sooner than expected and although still dizzy from the takedown manages to transform into her heroic identity as UltraGirl. Now ready for battle, she swiftly deals with Gerrold and Veronica, unimpressed as Gerrold’s sidearm is drawn and he pumps bullet after bullet into the sexy superheroine. The rounds bounce harmlessly off of UltraGirl’s chest, and the busty beauty explains that both of them are going to prison, because mere lead bullets can do nothing to UltraGirl while she’s wearing her ULTRA-BELT.

Unfortunately, UltraGirl’s bragging proves to be her downfall. Knowing now that the belt is the key to UltraGirl’s power, Veronica lunges for it and in a desperate struggle against the blonde crimefighter, Veronica manages to snatch it away, tearing it off of UltraGirl’s curvaceous hips. In a flash of light Ultragirl loses her solar-absorbing powers and she becomes a mere woman once again. Trying to regain her gold solar-absorption belt, UltraGirl snatches it back just in time but Gerrold comes in quickly and sprays some “blazing” ultra-hot buffalo wing sauce into UltraGirl’s eyes, blinding her long enough for Veronica to wrench away Kara’s power belt, leaving her helpless once more.

Vulnerable, and without her superpowers, the blinded UltraGirl tries valiantly to hold off the two attackers, but can she succeed? Can a single woman in skintight blue and red spandex possibly stop two human traffickers? Tune in, and find out!

In our second part, UltraGirl struggles to escape from Veronica Black without the benefit of her superpowers. As she catfights with Veronica, her once-legendary super-strength is no more, and her flight, invulnerability, and all her other superpowers are likewise gone. For all intents and purposes, she is just a regular chicken wing waitress now! The powerless Ultragirl fights against Veronica with every fiber of her being, and the evil Veronica slowly starts to become overwhelmed as fatigue and exhaustion kick in, giving the heroic UltraGirl the advantage!

Pinning Veronica into a chair, UltraGirl gives Veronica a taste of her own medicine and rips off Veronica’s stylish belt, followed by her sexy high-heeled shoes, to let her know how it feels to be helpless for a change. The victory is short-lived however as the regional manager, Gerrold, spritzes UltraGirl in the face with a sedative spray. While not enough to put UltraGirl to rest, it is strong enough to disable her and leave her helpless for a few minutes as she coughs and gasps. Veronica turns the tide of battle and soon makes UltraGirl sit in the chair instead, deciding to put her out once and for all.

Producing a special green cloth soaked in something sinister, Veronica slaps the rag over the face of Ultragirl and presses it tightly against the heroine’s nose and mouth. Soon UltraGirl’s eyes begin to flutter, and the spandex-clad superheroine becomes disoriented and dizzy. It is during this time that Veronica searches the dizzy heroine for contraband, and her costume is examined by Veronica carefully. Her hair is carefully searched, her cute red spandex shorts are yanked down around her knees exposing the bottom of her sexy blue leotard, and she is carefully probed and felt up to see if she is carrying any weapons or communication devices on her leotard. Although UltraGirl has nothing on her, the humiliating ordeal lasts for quite a long time. Unable to fight back, she succumbs and UltraGirl finds herself being bound with large amounts of white rope, bound tightly at the knees, ankles, and wrists while in her sleepy state. She is also ballgagged with a bright orange ballgag to keep her from crying out for help from anyone passing by. UltraGirl struggles fearfully and mmmrrpphs in defiance, but her struggles yield no results as she soon loses her waking mind to the power of the heavy sedative fumes on the cloth and her general exhaustion.

Eventually Gerrold and Veronica leave the room to go make an offer to the Legion of Doom for Ultragirl’s ransom, and that is the mistake that UltraGirl was hoping the villain would make. Once alone, she spies her ultra-belt laying in the corner of the room and quickly sidles over to it. The moment she grasps it, her powers return and she is able to snap the ropes binding her with ease. Unfortunately, when the two criminals return, UltraGirl is blackmailed into surrendering again when Gerrold explains to UltraGirl his devious plan to frame Veronica (and UltraGirl) for looking like they don’t care about stopping evil, an act that would tarnish UltraGirl’s reputation for years to come. Afraid to ruin her popularity and good standing with the community, UltraGirl is blackmailed into surrendering a final time, and Veronica places UltraGirl in her final indignity…a very embarrassing hogtie on the floor of the room. Bound in such a manner, UltraGirl cannot escape her fate and is soon left writhing and grunting on the floor like a common chicken wing waitress as the two villains sneer and laugh at UltraGirl’s plight. Bound in the hogtie, with her powers gone, all the superheroine can do is writhe and struggle on the floor and await a rescue. Is this the end for UltraGirl? Tune in, and find out!