first appearance by Dee Williams as UltraGirl
produced by ShinyBound
from a custom script by SHBinder
original release date: 11/22/2019

part 1:

UltraGirl is on a warpath! She has tracked down the slave trafficker’s hideout, and since her step-sister’s disappearance, this time she is making it personal! She rips open the door and enters the premises. An unsuspecting henchman walks by and UltraGirl throttles him! She continues upstairs until she finds a door she cannot see through. “This has to be it!” she thinks. As she grabs the door knob, she is hit by several million volts, knocking her down and out. She comes to and she is chained to a pole. A henchman comes in and gags and blindfolds her. How long will these chains hold her? Once she gains her full strength back, these guys might be in big trouble!

part 2:

UltraGirl has busted out of her chains and tracks down the henchman. He is ready for her and takes her down with a tranquilizer dart to the neck! The henchman uses her weakened state to get some vital info … that her powers come from her power belt! He quickly removes it..

Once again UltraGirl is tied down and helpless, this time she’s tied lying on her back with a hitachi vibrator tied in place between her legs. Her power belt dangles just above her, taunting her and making her realize how powerless she is without it. The vibrator is switched on and the henchman leaves her to her bound orgasm . She cums again and again. Finally, she spits out her cleave gag, lurches up and grabs onto her power belt, and gets a much needed recharge!

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