first appearance of Whitney Morgan as #UltraGirl
produced by Whitney Morgan
written by SHBinder
release date: 8/11/2019

UltraGirl dressed in tight shiny blue spandex leotard, short red shorts, glistening gold belt, silky suntan pantyhose, and her red boots.. is sneakingly suspicious of some activity going on in the city.. she snoops around in an unknown lair.. slowly.. quietly.. while bend over looking for clues she’s greeted by a VILLAIN pov!

He reaches his hand up quickly around her nose and mouth, wrapping his strong hand tightly around her face. Her eyes cross, slowly roll into the back of her head.. she falls and he now has the opportunity to make her powerless. But first, to get a little grab action in, groping all over her blonde superheroine body, playing with her limbs. He removes her belt… he removes her boots..

As we fade back in, she’s tightly bound in a hogtie complete with crotch rope and a BIG black ballgag. UltraGirl is now completely powerless without her belt nor boots.. all she can do is squirm, struggle in frustration, yell through her gag at the taunting villain whom teases her with her powerful belt and boots in his hands.. He leaves her to struggle.

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Adventures of UltraGirl

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