first appearance by Tara Tied as UltraGirl
produced by Tara Tied
from a custom script by SHBinder
original release date: 8/21/2019

UltraGirl is sneaking around looking through a villain’s home when she is suddenly taken from behind. With the rag over her mouth here eyes start to flutter as she slowly weakens and can’t stand any longer. Her legs sway and she falls to the floor, her eyes flutter and she lets out a gasp as she succumbs to the rag. The villain touches her and look over her body and she doesn’t stir.

Awhile later she wakes up and is alarmed to find that she has been handcuffed and ankle cuffed into a hogtie. She has been gagged with tape and she begins to struggle to get free. UltraGirl moans as she struggles to free herself from the cuffs. She rolls around as she struggles and tries to pull her hands out of the cuffs. After struggling for a bit she gets the handcuffs off and she wobbles as she stands. UltraGirl doesn’t get very far though as she is again given the rag. Her eyes roll and she moans a bit as her body goes again and falls to the floor.

When UltraGirl wakes up again she is now hogtied in ropes since she got out of the cuffs so easily. Her power belt has been removed and the rope hogtie is much tighter than when she was in the cuffs. She struggles, trying to reach the knots on the ropes but they are all out of her reach. She tries to get to her power belt but she cannot maneuver her hands to it no matter what. She struggles and moves about but doesn’t really get anywhere.

Awhile later, the villain changes her tape gag to a ball gag and she begins to drool right away. Her boots have been removed and her breasts exposed by her leotard being pulled down. Completely helpless she struggles, determined to get free, but the ropes are very tight and she begins to slow down a bit and tire. A puddle of drool forms as she moans through the gag and continues to struggle but she is ultimately unable to get free.