first appearance of Karly Salinas as UltraGirl
produced by Bound In The Midwest
custom video script by SHBinder
original release date: 5/22/2020

On Earth K

UltraGirl (Karly Salinas) is investigating a house break in when Officer Sawyer (Indica Fetish) arrives, concluding that UltraGirl has committed the crime. After frisking and searching UltraGirl for weapons, Officer Sawyer zip ties UltraGirl’s wrists for the trip downtown to take UltraGirl’s statement. Reluctantly, UltraGirl goes along with this, even though she can break free easily, in an effort to prove her innocence.

Once downtown, Officer Sawyer starts to interrogate UltraGirl. UltraGirl asks if the zip cuffs are still necessary since she is cooperating. UltraGirl offers to remove her own power belt in order to give Officer Sawyer assurances that she won’t try to escape. Once UltraGirl removes her power belt, making herself powerless, Officer Sawyer gets the jump on UltraGirl and knocks her unconscious.

UltraGirl awakens hogtied and bootless, her power belt still missing. Officer Sawyer re-emerges but in her true identity, the villainess Chameleon! The Chameleon gloats that the robbery was a trap and that she tricked UltraGirl in to giving up her power belt … willingly!

After tape gagging the helpless heroine, The Chameleon leaves UltraGirl to struggle helplessly.

Awhile after, The Chameleon receives payment for the stolen power belt. When she asks what’s next, the buyer simply says “A crisis is coming …”

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