starring Terra Mizu as UltraGirl
produced by Terra Mizu
custom script by SHBinder
release date: 4/8/2021

ULTRAGIRL arrives home after a long day of fighting crime, unaware of the TRAP that awaits her! She relaxes with a beverage and draws a bath before finding her kitchen overrun by an army of TINY MEN. The ARMY of TINIES pin her FEET down then try to hold her hands behind her before she breaks free! Determined to capture ULTRAGIRL, the TINY MEN lasso her and hold her down as they STRIP her BOOTS off of her. The SHRUNKEN MEN put a BALLGAG in our SUPERHEROINE’S MOUTH and TIE her down. ULTRAGIRL struggles as the TINY MEN overrun her entire body! Will she break free?

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Adventures of UltraGirl