UltraGirlMacy Nikole as UltraGirl in UltraGirl: Bound Without Her Belt produced by Macy Nikole

first appearance of Macy Nikole as UltraGirl
custom video request by SHBinder
original release date: 5/20/2020

UltraGirl wakes up in an unknown room, unsure of how she got there. She finds her wrists and legs are tied and she is cleave gagged. UltraGirl is unable to use her powers to take off the ropes because her belt was taken off along with her boots. She looks around to scout out where they could he. She sees across the room her belt a boots laid out neatly on the floor. UltraGirl knows she has to use all her strength to squirm over there if she had any chance of escaping. She struggles in the ropes across the room to retrieve her belt. Finally, she reaches the end, and is able to get off her gag and grab the belt with her mouth. She feels her powers coming back and is able to free the ropes instantly! UltraGirl gets up, and puts back on her belt and boots. She grabs the rope so that the villain doesn’t have a chance to use it again. No villain is a match for UltraGirl! She walks over to the window, opens it, and flies out!