UltraGirls from 2 worlds confront each other as they chase down an evil drug lord

first appearance of Indica Jane Fetish as UltraGirl
also starring and produced by Karly Salinas
custom script by SHBinder
original release date: 11/25/2020

In this episode of UltraGirl: Indica Kelly, the UltraGirl of Earth-IFS, is searching for clues to track down an evil drug lord. Meanwhile, Karly Kelly, the UltraGirl of Earth-KS is on the trail of a drug lord on her earth, hoping to bring an end to his cartel. While Indica continues to look for the drug cartel’s coordinates, The Purge transports Karly to Earth-IFS for an eventual confrontation with her doppelganger. The two UltraGirls bump into one another and engage in hand to hand combat after accusations of one being an imposter. In the heat of their fight, the UltraGirls take a blow dart to the neck and collapse in defeat. The girls are then tied up and left to struggle. But who brought them together, and why? Will they break free? Watch this movie to find out!

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