first appearance of Blair Blouson as UltraGirl
produced by Bound in the Midwest
custom script by SHBinder
original release date: 10/30/2020

A trap is set for UltraGirl Claire Irons. UltraGirl Blair Blouson from Earth BB has been captured and used as bait to capture UG Earth CI Claire. Blair is bound and gagged in a chair when Claire flies in and tries to save the day when she is grabbed and taken to the ground. When they both awake they are hogtied on the ground but ungagged they are both cleave gagged and left to struggle while their belts and boots are taken. 

Blair appeared in the UltraGirl costume prior to this clip in “UltraGirl Tricked and Stripped” also produced by Bound In The Midwest and written by SHBinder. But this video is her first appearance as the character UltraGirl.

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