ArielleArielle Lane's first appearance as UltraGirl

first appearance of Arielle Lane as UltraGirl
produced by Arielle Lane
custom script by SHBinder
original release date: 12/4/2020

UltraGirl enters a seemingly empty warehouse after hearing of various criminal activities being conducted on the premises. As she scans the space for clues, a masked thug approaches her from behind and quickly takes her down.

While UltraGirl rests, the thug inspects her limbs, taking the opportunity to grope her tits and feel up her shiny, pantyhose covered legs. He removes the ultimate source of her power, her belt, and plans on showing her what happens when you mess with the wrong people.

UltraGirl awakens to find herself hogtied and missing her boots. She struggles against the tight rope bondage, confused and calling out to be released. Suddenly, her captor speaks, taunting her as she struggles and threatens him with retaliation. UltraGirl is quickly silenced as her captor shoves a ballgag into her mouth, muffling her ultimatums.

Alone, UltraGirl struggles with all her might. She grunts and squirms, but without her belt, she is helpless against the strenuous hogtie. UltraGirl continues to fight the tight bondage, convinced she can escape. Unfortunately for her, her freedom is now a foolish delusion.

Will UltraGirl escape, or is she destined to live out her days at the will of the masked captor?

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