UltraGirlscreencap from The Ticklish Perils of UltraGirl produced by The BK Tickler

The Ticklish Perils of UltraGirl


starring Rachel Adams as UltraGirl
produced by The BK Tickler
original release date: 5/31/21

Video synopsis

“I have something that UltraGirl (played by Rachel Adams) wants. Fun Fact: it’s the source of her power… meaning she’s completely powerless without it. And she’s willing to do anything to get it back. Anything. So it was time to have some fun with her. Also it was perfect opportunity to find out what I been wondering about UltraGirl …. is she ticklish ? Today I was gonna find out. I got her boots off to see how ticklish her feet is and I was getting a great reaction from a few light tickles on one of her soles. But that wasn’t for me. Both of her feet were about to get the tickle business from me! And mind you, just for starters. And if she wanted her belt, she’ll just lay there and take the tickling that’s about to be given to her.” – The BK Tickler