UltraGirlMacy Nikole as UltraGirl in Janitor Finds UltraGirl POV produced by Macy Nikole

Janitor Finds UltraGirl POV


starring Macy Nikole as UltraGirl
produced by Macy Nikole
original release date: 6/4/2020

Macy Nikole links: https://compiled.social/MistressMacyNikole

Video Synopsis

It’s the night shift at the local museum, and you’re cleaning up the floors when you noticed a white cloth with lipstick marks. It’s interesting, so you put it into your back pocket and continue to clean.

Eventually, you come across UltraGirl bound and gagged without her belt and boots. She is resting, tied from wrist to ankles, laying out on the couch. You see your opportunity to have your way with the beauty super heroine. You begin to feel up and down UltraGirl’s body, squeezing all of her.

Eventually, she comes to and starts to mumble to you. You take off her pantyhose gag so she can speak, and she explains what happened. The Joker stole her belt and boots, and knocked her with a special liquid that weakens superheroine’s powers, as well as it makes them really horny! UltraGirl asks if you doesn’t mind helping her out, and you of course agree, but on your terms! You take out the rag you found and put it over her mouth and nose, making her inhale the liquid. It puts her into a groggy trance, as you continue to feel up and down her body until you eventually put her fully out!

Macy Nikole UltraGirl filmography

Release DateVideoProducer
5/20/20UltraGirl Bound Without Her BeltMacy Nikole
6/4/20Janitor Finds UltraGirl POVMacy Nikole
6/20/20UltraGirl Gets Taken DownMacy Nikole
6/22/20UltraGirl Tricked by Evil VillainMacy Nikole
7/13/20UltraGirl Trapped & DefeatedMacy Nikole
11/9/20UltraGirl CollectedHeroine Universe
3/18/21UltraGirl: Countdown ContinuesHeroine Universe
5/30/21UltraGirl CaptiveCollege Captures
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