UltraGirlscreenshot from UltraGirl: "The Princess and The Pendant" ©2022 Kobe Lee

UltraGirl in “The Princess and The Pendant”

reached #1 for SUPERHEROINES on clips4sale on 5/10/2022


starring Kobe Lee, returning as UltraGirl
starring Jacquelyn Velvets in her first appearance as UltraGirl
and starring Sage Pillar as Harley Quinn, The Clown Princess of Crime
produced by Kobe Lee’s Fetish Paradise

original release date: 5/6/2022

On Earth 4, Harley Quinn (Sage Pillar) is on her latest crime spree through Liberty City, home of UltraGirl.  Arriving at the home of a famous magician, Harley searches the house and finds a magic pendant that grants the wishes of the wearer.   UltraGirl (Kobe Lee) arrives to confront The Clown Princess of Crime, but when she tells UltraGirl “Don’t come any closer!” the superheroine freezes in place.  Amused, Harley begins to fondle and enjoy her new plaything. 

Defiantly, UltraGirl tells Harley that when she breaks free, she’ll take Harley in.  Harley flippantly says “Go head and try UltraGirl.  Knock yourself out.”  The power of the pendant takes Harley’s words and magically causes UltraGirl to lose control of her body and begins to pummel herself.  Unable to stop herself, UltraGirl’s full powered punches take their toll on the helpless heroine and she collapses to the floor, dazed from her own fists of fury.  To Harley’s delight, UltraGirl can only lay there dazed as Harley playfully fondles her and contemplates what to do next to her captive.  

Later, UltraGirl struggles bootless, hogtied, blindfolded and powerless on the floor.  With her power belt removed, UltraGirl’s struggles are to no avail.  Harley reveals that she learned UltraGirl’s secret to her powers from the internet.  While UltraGirl defiantly struggles, Harley wishes out loud for another UltraGirl to play with.  From across the multiverse, the UltraGirl of Earth 5 (Jacquelyn Velvets) appears in front of Harley.  This UltraGirl arrives confused as to how she got there and why a woman that is dressed like her is bound and struggling on the floor.  Knowing that Harley is a criminal on her world, UltraGirl moves to apprehend Harley. 

With the power of the pendant, Harley commands the UltraGirl from Earth 5 to do some sexy poses for her.  UltraGirl loses control of her body and she nervously starts to move into one sexy position after another.  “This is so humiliating!” UltraGirl exclaims.  UltraGirl of Earth 4 continues to defiantly struggle on the floor until Harley commands her to “Hush.”  Tape appears over the hogtied heroine’s mouth, adding to her helpless position.  Harley then commands the UltraGirl of Earth 5 to knock herself out and like her doppelganger, she punches herself into dazed submission.  

A little later, both UltraGirls are bound to each other with rope, trying to make sense of their predicament.  They realize that 1) they are from different Earths and 2) that they share the same weakness …. without their power belts, they lose their powers.  After the UltraGirls spend some tense moments trying to break free, Harley reappears to taunt the bound beauties.  With both UltraGirls still being heroically defiant, Harley uses the pendant to become an UltraGirl herself! 

With the rest of the house to check and Harley unenthusiastic to leave her captives to struggle until they free themselves, Harley commands the UltraGirls with the pendant to kiss and enjoy their predicament.  Reluctantly, the UltraGirls draw closer together and unable to fight the magic at work, they kiss.  They continue to try and fight but the kissing continues.  Harley leaves them to kiss continually as she searches the rest of the house.  The UltraGirls know they need to break free but the pendant’s influence is too powerful.  

Much later, the UltraGirls are still kissing but exhausted from their ordeal.  “Does anybody need a cigarette?” Harley humorously announces as she re-enters.  The UltraGirl of Earth 4 pleads with Harley to stop the spell.  Smiling, Harley announces that she stopped the spell hours ago.  Aghast, confused and embarrassed, the UltraGirls cease kissing and pull themselves apart. 

The UltraGirls admit defeat, telling Harley that she’s free to replace them as UltraGirl.  Surprised, Harley says “Really?”  The UltraGirls continue to tell Harley that while she may dress like them and have their powers, she will never be “just like us.”  With that, Harley confidently says “I wish I was just like you!”   A bright flash later, Harley is hogtied on the floor and both UltraGirls stand free and restored with their power belts.  “You tricked me!” Harley exclaims.  Another flash of the pendant, and Harley is ballgagged. 

Both UltraGirls wish each other luck … with a handshake.

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