UltraGirlUltraGirl Zero Hour

UltraGirl: “Zero Hour”

prelude to Ultraverse Crisis episode 27

Video (version)
UltraGirl: Zero Hour (mp4 SD) on c4s
UltraGirl: Zero Hour (wmv HD) on c4s
UltraGirl: Zero Hour (mp4 HD) on c4s
UltraGirl: Zero Hour extended version (@ The Hunter’s Lair)*
* extended version includes scenes of the UltraGirls being knocked out not included in the c4s versions

Whitney Morgan as the UltraGirl of Earth MWM (first appearance: 8/11/2019)
Ayla Aysel as the UltraGirl of Earth AA (first appearance: 1/14/2020)
Terra Mizu as the UltraGirl of Earth TM (first appearance: 8/1/2020)
Carissa Dumond as the UltraGirl of Earth CD (first appearance: 9/23/2020)
and introducing Slyyy as the UltraGirl of Earth SS in her first appearance
also starring Jim Hunter as The Hunter

written by SH Binder
special effects by Flying Superheroes
produced by The Hunter’s Lair
release date: 12/14/2021

5 UltraGirls from 5 separate universes have clashed with The Hunter and lost. All have had their power belts removed and sold to the mysterious figure only known as The Purge.

As the UltraGirl from Earth AA (Ayla Aysel) and the UltraGirl from Earth TM (Terra Mizu) desperately struggle to free each other from their bondage, The Hunter is driving 3 more Ultra Girls (Whitney Morgan, Carissa Dumond, Slyyy) to his lair bound and gagged in the back of his SUV.

The Hunter collects the 5 UltraGirls into one location in an effort to find a buyer for all 5 at once. In order to enhance the deal, The Hunter outfits the UltraGirls with fake copies of their power belts.

Once the sale is over, The Hunter begins leading the UltraGirls in a daisy chain, tape gagged and handcuffed, to a van waiting to deliver the 5 helpless superheroines to their new home. Before they can get to the van, suddenly the skies turn red and energy lightning fills the air.

The Hunter frees one of the UltraGirls, trying to find out what is happening. UltraGirl (Whitney Morgan) pleads with The Hunter to free them so they can stop whatever is causing this disturbance. After The Hunter reveals that the power belts are fake and that The Purge is responsible for the red skies, UltraGirl frees herself and escapes The Hunter to free the other 4 UltraGirls.

Once freed, the 5 UltraGirls huddle. Realizing that they are powerless without their real power belts, one UltraGirl asks, “So this means …”

The lead UltraGirl replies, “The crisis is here.”

Powerless to stop the energy wave, the UltraGirls grab hands and stand defiant as the energy wave washes over the planet.

To be continued …

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