UltraGirlDresden as UltraGirl in "Oblivion Upon Us" produced by HollyRope

UltraGirl: “Oblivion Upon Us”
prelude to Ultraverse Crisis episode 28

starring Dresden as UltraGirl
story by SH Binder
produced and directed by HollyRope
SPFX by FlyingSuperheroes.net
release date: 3/18/2022


Dresden Kelly receives a call from the police commissioner. Dr. Nemesis has been found and needs to be taken into custody. A quick change and Dresden is flying across the city as UltraGirl!

UltraGirl confronts Dr. Nemesis but is quickly subdued when the villain is able to take UltraGirl’s power belt! Dr. Nemesis binds and gags the helpless heroine to a chair, taunting her while she is helpless to defend herself. He takes UltraGirl for a ride across town and ties her spreadeagle to the ground at his remote hideout.

Meanwhile, a storm approaches and UltraGirl senses that something is not right. Dr. Nemesis, sensing the danger, reluctantly frees UltraGirl and gives her power belt back to see if she can stop the energy wave coming to destroy Earth.

The skies go red, the storm expands, and the universe goes white as Earth HR is no more …

To be continued …

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