produced by Constance’s Crazy Cinemas
release date: 3/13/2017

Constance awakens suspended by her wrists in a dungeon. She’s been captured while snooping around in her reporter secret identity. Once her grogginess fades, she breaks free and springs into action as UltraGirl!

UltraGirl confronts her captor … The Countess! After a furious wrestling battle, The Countess gets the upper hand on UltraGirl, rendering her unconscious.

UltraGirl awakens, this time suspended by her ankles and bound by straps. Once again, UltraGirl escapes only to be recaptured and strapped over a sawhorse by The Countess, where she is flogged and has her power belt removed.

Helplessly hogtied, bootless and beltless, UltraGirl awaits her final fate. Can she escape??!!

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