first appearance of Rachel Adams as UltraGirl
first appearance of The Collector
release date: 3/26/2018

available at the Cinched & Secured website

The Collector is at his lair preparing his latest shipment when he is confronted by UltraGirl! She lifts him by his throat demanding he take her to his prisoners. After throwing him to the ground, UltraGirl pins The Collector to the floor by sitting on his chest. Seizing his opportunity, The Collector injects the overconfident superheroine with a mixture of truth serum and sedative. Susceptible to his questioning, UltraGirl reveals the secret to her powers: her power belt. With this knowledge, The Collector adds UltraGirl to his collection.

The now helpless UltraGirl wakes up bound on the floor of The Collector’s hideout. Spying her power belt across the floor, she attempts to squirm over to it. The Collector catches UltraGirl inches within reach of her power belt. He uses the opportunity to bind her more stringently in a hogtie with a harness ballgag. After leaving UltraGirl to struggle for a few minutes, he returns to knock out the superheroine once again.

While UltraGirl is unconscious on the floor, The Collector prepares her for “shipment” by removing her boots and mummifying her in nylon and tape. By the time UltraGirl wakes up, she can only helplessly watch as The Collector completes wrapping her up and slapping a “shipping” label on her.

UltraGirl struggles mightily but cannot escape her mummification. But, The Collector has once again left UltraGirl’s power belt and boots on the floor excruciatingly out of reach. UltraGirl inches slowly across the floor, hoping to reach her items and free herself before The Collector returns. Can she escape??!!

From Part 1
From Part 2

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