first appearance of Claire Irons as UltraGirl
also starring Constance and Rachel Adams
produced by Constance’s Crazy Cinemas
custom script by SHBinder
original release date: 10/16/2020

Three different UltraGirls, all from different parallel universes, have arrived in the same world to chase down the same drug lord. Rachel Adams, Claire Irons, and Constance are all here to defeat the infamous, Raven! Something isn’t right though … Raven must have called all three girls here! It was a trap! In the confusion, Raven sneaks it to spray them all with a chemical to send them to the floor! 

Now that all three gals are resting, slumped on the floor, Raven strips all of them of their boots and power belts making them powerless for what happens next! Raven eyechecks them and plays with their relaxed limbs then gets a grand idea! Raven decides to tie all three UltraGirls into a siamese human knot! With three cute little ball gags like cherries on top! They all wiggle, tied together by their own limbs, and just moan in pain while Raven watches! What a cute UltraGirl trio trap!

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