first appearance of Kobe Lee as UltraGirl
produced by Heroine Universe
custom script by SHBinder
original release date: 10/5/2020

Kobe Lee’s debut as the UltraGirl character is here! We open with UltraGirl (in her alter-ego office-worker girl Kobe) sitting in her office typing away, dangling her high heel shoe from her nylon foot, when she gets word of a robbery taking place. Quickly jumping into action, she pulls off her blouse revealing the Ultra Girl costume underneath as she races off to stop the crime! Landing in a seedy warehouse, UltraGirl walks confidently inside, unafraid to face danger. Sneaking around to uncover the villain(s), she demands they show themselves. Unfortunately for her, they do – a goon grabs Ultra Girl from behind. Ultra Girl struggles with him, but is soon helpless.

We now see UltraGirl laid out on the floor, out and helpless. The goon removes her power belt, as well as her boots, leaving her in her stocking feet laid out on the floor, first face-up, then rolled over face-down. Fading to later, we now see UltraGirl has been HOGTIED (rope bondage) and struggling! The goon decides to play a game – he leaves Ultra Girl’s power belt and boots across a long room, with her hogtied and gagged, struggling on the other end, before he leaves. Hopefully she can wiggle and struggle herself over to them in time! UltraGirl, struggles, rolling around on the floor, as she slowly makes her way toward her power belt and accessories. Without her belt, and her powers gone, UltraGirl struggles to make it. Eventually she’s able to make it to her belt, grabbing hold of it and, now with her powers restored, able to free herself of her bondage and gag, before putting her boots back on and vowing revenge at the end!

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