first appearance of Tilly McReese as UltraGirl
produced by TillyTown (Tilly McReese)
custom script by SHBinder
original release date: 1/9/2020

After eluding America’s sexiest superheroine numerous times, the seductive and cunning archenemy, The Countess comes face to face with her!

The Countess has been hiding in a beautiful waterfront retreat. Landing at the pier and striding across the lawn, UltraGirl confronts two of her sexy henchwomen, ready to bring them to justice!

They see her and attempt to flee, but UltraGirl’s superspeed allows her to intercept them and hoist them up by their blouses as they squeal. “Is it going to hurt?!” Slyly, UltraGirl smirks and replies “Not for me!”

As she prepares to dole out her punishment, The Countess catches her off guard and snatches the UltraGirl’s power belt!

The Countess orders her dastardly duo to grab Ultragirl and take her to the ground. They oblige and together with The Countess taunt UltraGirl as they muffle her screams by smothering her with a white rag and hogtying the hapless heroine. Eventually, UltraGirl comes to and she is trapped in The Countess’ lair. The Countess is going to teach her a lesson- there can only be one Queen.

How will UltraGirl find her way out of this one?!

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