first appearance of Ayla Aysel as UltraGirl
produced by Cinched and Secured
custom script by SHBinder
original release date: 1/4/2020

UltraGirl’s latest foe has devised an ingenious torment for her! It begins with her being bound outdoors to a tree. This seems like no problem for the intrepid superhero, but she quickly learns that she is highly susceptible to cold temperatures, and the frigid air immediately saps her strength! It also turns her nipples into erect stones, and they poke quite prominently at her super outfit! Ball gagged, the helpless heroine feels her strength ebbing away by the second, and she is no match for the villain who leads her on a walk through the bitter temps to his lair!

Once secured in his lair with no hope of escape, UltraGirl finds herself bound to a chair; her legs spread wide open and held fast with his specially created rope which has a tensile strength equal to the strongest steel. What concerns the plucky heroine most; however, is the vibrator strapped to her crotch and the strange pulsating band fixed around her head. It seems our evildoer plans to reprogram her brain and turn her into a submissive super slut! As the orgasms rack her body, the headband will alter her brain patterns to crave pain and punishment! The more pain, the greater the pleasure, the greater the pleasure, the more pain! UltraGirl is determined not to succumb to the devices, and steels herself not to cum for the creep, but as they work on her flesh, she finds her body racked again and again with a series of climaxes, each more powerful than the last! To further her humiliation, the villain stuffs her mouth with a large rag, cleave gagging the soon to be super slut before injecting her with a special serum designed to make the transformation permanent! The torment is too great, and she blacks out!

When she comes to, she finds herself no longer bound, but before she can teach the villain a lesson, he presses a button on a remote. Instantly, UltraGirl finds herself the victim of a powerful shock deep in her super pussy! Worse yet, each shock makes her hornier and hornier! Soon she is reduced to rubbing herself helplessly as the villain administers does after dose from the remote! Soon her transformation is complete, and she humbly begs the villain, meekly pleading “Pleasure me” as she crawls towards him on all fours! Will she ever regain control of her body and break the lustful spell?