UltraGirlUberGirl (Rachel Adams) taunts UltraGirl (Constance) in "UltraGirl Overcomes UberGirl"

“UltraGirl Overcomes UberGirl”
prelude to Ultraverse Crisis episode 24

UltraGirl Overcomes UberGirl (mp4 HD)
UltraGirl Overcomes UberGirl (wmv sm)
UltraGirl Overcomes UberGirl (wmv)

starring: Constance and Rachel Adams
produced by: Constance’s Crazy Cinemas
original release date: 3/20/2021

UberGirl has captured UltraGirl intending to turn her and her power belt over to The Collector! When UltraGirl escapes, she turns the tables on UberGirl, dressing her in a spare UltraGirl costume and preparing her to be the latest addition to The Collector’s collection!

Will either be prepared for the coming crisis??!!


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