UltraGirl: “Countdown Continues”
prelude to Ultraverse Crisis episode 23

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Starring Tilly McReese as the UltraGirl of Earth TMC
and Macy Nikole as the UltraGirl of Earth MN
produced by Heroine Universe
written by SH Binder
release date: 3/18/2021

The evil villain ‘The Collector’ is working a scheme, and UG Macy aims to alert the various UG’s around the multiverse! It opens with UltraGirl Tilly in her civilian attire, working in her office. Some shoe-dangling as she does her work. Suddenly there’s a large crash nearby, and she jumps up to look out the window. Sensing danger, she confidently walks out, pulling open her blouse showing her blue uniform underneath. In a nearby home, we see the crash-landed UltraGirl Macy, smashed through a window and helpless on the floor. She moans and moves slightly, only to go out. UltraGirl Tilly arrives on scene and tends to her. Tilly is shocked to see that there’s another UltraGirl. Realizing she needs help, Tilly CRADLE CARRIES her to a nearby living room.

UG Macy begins to come around, her pantyhose ripped from her crash-landing. UG Tilly comes in to comfort her and get some answers. UG doesn’t remember much, but she remembers her mission: to travel throughout the multiverse and warn all the other UltraGirls of the impending danger from ‘The Collector.’ It seem he’s on a mission to capture all the Ultra Girl’s so he can seize their power belts. UG Tilly reassures her, but as they talk, the tell-tale sign of a hissing gas presents itself. Oblivious until too late, both UltraGirl’s slowly go out, laid out in each others arms on the couch.

Coming around later, we see them on their knees, hands and feet bound, facing each other in a crate that’s been transported into the room they were in! They struggle in their bonds, but it’s no use. UG Macy fears this may be the end, but UG shows confidence that they’ll figure something out. Macy kisses Tilly, much to her shock, telling her she may not have the opportunity later. Just as they’re trying to build their resolve, the villain enters! It seems that he now has both their power belts, as he taunts them. They try to act tough, but he knows better. Fading to later, he now has them seated back-to-back in the crate, bound hand and foot to each other, cleave gagged, as he taunts them, before leaving them for a bit as they struggle. He returns at the very end to close up the crate, their fate unknown.

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