UltraGirlscene from Ultraverse Crisis episode 3

UltraGirl in Ultraverse Crisis episode 3: “The Search”

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starring Constance as the UltraGirl of Earth Prime and Earth CCC
also starring Rachel Adams as the UltraGirl from Earth CS and Earth 17
produced by Constance’s Crazy Cinemas
written by SH Binder
edited by SH Binder

special effects by http://flyingsuperheroes.net/

Previously, The Purge has collected enough Ultranium power belts from across the multiverse to execute his plans. Using his Shadow Demon to possess the UltraGirl of Earth CS (Rachel Adams), The Purge was able use this UltraGirl to rid himself of the only being that could stop him: The Collector. Before he perished, The Collector was able to transport the power belts he collected to another universe.

Now, in episode 3 “The Search,” following the disappearance of The Collector, the UltraGirls of Earth CS and Earth 17 begin searching The Collector’s home in search of any clue to where The Collector sent the power belts of all the UltraGirls he captured.  Instead, they find 2 other UltraGirls from Earth Prime and Earth CCC who have been bound and tape gagged for days in The Collector’s home

Once their doppelgangers are freed, the 4 UltraGirls meet and compare notes. Only UltraGirl CS has her power belt and she wants to get the others to safety since The Purge will likely destroy The Collector’s universe next.  In the time remaining, UltraGirl Prime suggests that they search the house in the time remaining as one last ditch effort to find their missing power belts.  Meanwhile, The Purge’s Shadow Demon replicates into 4 copies of himself in order to subdue the quartet of UltraGirls.  One by one, as they are searching the house, The Shadow Demons overcome the 4 UltraGirls.

The 4 UltraGirls awaken in the basement of The Collector’s home, pole bound and ballgagged.  After furiously struggling against the ropes that bind them, the UltraGirls hear a voice from beyond.  It is The Purge!  His original plan to wipe out The Collector’s universe gives him the opportunity to also destroy 4 UltraGirls at once.  But, he reconsiders and has his Shadow Demon transport UltraGirl Prime and UltraGirl CS to The Purge’s universe, leaving UltraGirl CCC and UltraGIrl 17 to perish.

Can UltraGirl CCC and UltraGirl 17 escape before The Purge’s red energy wave destroys them and The Collector’s universe?  What is the fate of UltraGirl Prime and UltraGIrl CS?  Can anyone stop the crisis?

To be continued …

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