UltraGirlRachel Adams as 2 UltraGirls from 2 different universes in "Ultraverse Crisis episode 2: The Final Collection"

UltraGirl in Ultraverse Crisis episode 2: “The Final Collection”

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starring Rachel Adams as UltraGirl
also starring Cinched and Secured as The Collector
and produced by Cinched and Secured
written by SH Binder
edited by SH Binder

special effects by http://flyingsuperheroes.net/

In episode 1, UltraGirl (Rachel Adams) was captured, tortured and possessed by The Shadow Demon of The Purge. Now, in episode 2, “The Final Collection,” with UltraGirl under his control, The Purge has sent UltraGirl to the world of The Collector in an effort to stop The Collector and steal his collection of Ultranium power belts.

To be continued …

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