UltraGirlUltraverse Crisis episode 1: The Shadow Demon

UltraGirl in Ultraverse Crisis episode 1: “The Shadow Demon Strikes!”

starring Rachel Adams as UltraGirl
introducing HiThereCatsuit as The Shadow Demon
written by SH Binder
edited by SH Binder and HiThereCatsuit
SPFX by flyingsuperheroes.net
directed and produced by Rachel Adams


Prelude to the Crisis: https://www.adventuresofultragirl.com/ultragirl-the-crisis-is-here/

In the beginning, there was darkness. Then, the darkness was pierced by light. The light split reality into multiple universes. A multiverse. Each universe existing in the same plane, separated by vibrational frequencies. Each universe with an Earth. Each Earth with a champion named UltraGirl.

Amidst the darkness rose The Purge. The Purge sought one goal, to destroy the multiverse. Only one being stands in his way, The Collector.

Both raced across the multiverse, capturing UltraGirls and taking their Ultranium power belts. While the Purge seeks enough power belts to destroy the multiverse, The Collector has done the same in order to stop the Purge. This is the beginning of The Purge’s plan.

Episode 1: UltraGirl arrives home from a long day of crime fighting into her dark home. She turns on the kitchen light and sits down for a moment. She glances back into a darkened room and sees a shadow moving in the darkness. She slowly ventures into the room to investigate.

When the light kicks on, she sees a large shadowy being in the corner of the room. The shadow being approaches her, and she immediately tries to protect herself with an ultravision blast. But the ultravision has no effect! She approaches him and meets him in the middle of the room before punching him in the midsection several times; each punch not affecting him. As she makes contact with the shadow being, her wrists and arms begin to freeze on contact. Her body begins to shiver uncontrollably as he encircles her with his shadowy form. The cold overtakes her and she collapses to the floor

UltraGirl is moved to a table, held in place by mystical hands that she is unable to break from. A voice from beyond calls out to her and taunts her. It is The Purge! After UltraGirl refuses to help The Purge, he calls on The Shadow Demon to fire energy beams at her, tearing her costume. The Shadow Demon then comes around to face her, holding her head up. He pulls her mouth open, pushing dark energy into her, possessing her. She is then put under the control of The Purge. He has missions for her and is going to use her for his evil plan.

To be continued …

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