UltraGirlUltraGirl Confronts Queen Sadie

screencaps from “UltraGirl Confronts Queen Sadie” starring Tilly McReese and Sadie Holmes

UltraGirl lands at the hideout of Queen Sadie, determined to take her in for her crimes. But Sadie gets the jump on UltraGirl and leaves her tape gagged and bound spread-eagle outside.

Original Release DateVideo
3/8/20UltraGirl Confronts Queen Sadie (mp4)
3/10/20UltraGirl Confronts Queen Sadie (wmv)

starring Tilly McReese as UltraGirl (Tilly on Twitter: @TillyMcReese)
also starring Sadie Holmes as Queen Sadie (Sadie on Twitter: @SadieHolmesxxx)
produced by TillyTown
custom script by SHBinder