UltraGirlscreencap from UltraGirl vs UberGirl part 2 produced by Cinched & Secured

screencap from “UltraGirl vs UberGirl” part 2 produced by Cinched & Secured

UberGirl transports the UltraGirl from Earth WR to Earth X in an effort to appease The Collector. Battle ensues.

Original Release DateClips4Sale video link
10/8/20UberGirl vs UltraGirl (mp4 format)
10/8/20UberGirl vs UltraGirl (wmv format)

starring Raven Eve(@WrestlerRaven on Twitter) as UltraGirl
also starring Rachel Adams (@rachel_adams2 on Twitter) as UberGirl, the UltraGirl from Earth X
produced by Cinched & Secured
custom script by SHBinder
original release date: 10/8/2020