UltraGirlscene from UltraGirl vs Shadow Sphere episode 1 produced by and starring Lora Cross as UltraGirl

One example of how an UltraGirl custom was ordered, filmed and launched

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Please keep in mind, this is only one example and some processes to order customs are more formal than this one. But the key thing in this example is that it doesn’t have to be difficult and the script doesn’t have to be long if you do some research and communicate respectfully and specifically.

Recently, Ama Rio had asked if Christina Carter or Lora Cross had played UltraGirl and, at that time, both Christina and Lora had been in UltraGirl videos as villains but not as the heroine. This led to this exchange on Twitter:

So, I reached out to both Christina and Lora to get started. Due to availability, Lora was the first to get the ball rolling on a custom (these DMs are shared with Lora’s permission):

I did as she asked and went to her clips4sale store to figure out: 1) what types of content did she sell at her store, 2) what places she used for shoots, and 3) which models she often worked with. In her store, she shot some clips with a male model and some quick research on Twitter showed that it was her hubby Leo.

After this back and forth, we agreed on a price. Unique to my customs is that I insist on a certain look for UltraGirl costume-wise, so I paid for Lora’s costume also. But as you can see, the script was six lines in a Twitter DM. I left the rest to her imagination and her creativity. In my additional DMs with Lora, she was genuninely enthused to play UltraGirl and it shows in the final result which included many more elements than I asked for and were still in the wheelhouse in what I like in these UltraGirl customs.

I was pleased with the result and the speed at which she edited and delivered the video to me. It went for sale on clips4sale a couple of weeks later. You should go buy a copy and support Lora and her store.

BUY YOUR COPY HERE: https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/140175/28525281/ultra-girl-vs-shadow-sphere-episode-1

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