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cross-posted from the Lady Jane’s Dangerotica blog, July 21, 2023, 9:00 a.m.

authored by Lady Jane, with guest Sam Houston Binder

Lady Jane: Heya Besties! This week we’re welcoming Sam Houston Binder back to the Dangerotic blog. He’s the creator of UltraGirl and last week he told us all about his heroine and how she came to be the perilous tour de force that she is. This week, he and I are venturing all across the Ultraverse to pick out and share all of our ultra-favorites!

Sam Houston Binder: Thank you for having me back! So, LJ, since you wrote the article My UltraGirl Obsession in July 2021, there have been 22 additions to the UltraGirl roster and 130 new videos. I can’t wait to see what update you have to your “ultra-favorites” from the last two years?  

LJ: Yikes! Has it really been 2 years since that first article? Well, let’s kick things off by recognizing the amazing women who portray the titular heroine. Is “titular” an innuendo? Or a pun? Feels like it should be…


LJ: Calisa Bliss

To be honest, if I had been picking my favorite actress for UltraGirl even just a few weeks ago, I probably would have had a different answer. Calisa Bliss has jumped to the top of my list with just a few performances.  She’s gorgeous, she’s expressive in peril, she takes the videos seriously but most importantly, she seems to be having a good time.  Sometimes in superheroine porn, you can just tell an actress thinks this is all dumb, or at least kind of silly, almost like you can see her rolling her eyes the whole time.  Cal B is obviously having a good time playing UltraGirl, and that energy is infectious.  Even if a video isn’t perfectly tuned to my kinks, I have loved watching Cal B in them, and that’s what makes a favorite actress to me. 

I have also absolutely fallen in love with her “generation next” UltraGirl, wearing the purple and red! Which has probably influenced this pick for me more than it should. Luckily, Calis Bliss is awesome, so it can’t just be the clothes!

UltraGirl: Generation Next by Cinched and Secured

UltraGirl Tied to the Tracks by Calisa Bliss Bondage

SHB: Great choice! I met Calisa at FetishCon and she’s a delight. She has been a great collaborator and her acting background comes through in her performances.

As far as my “favorite,” they’re all my favorite!  🙂  Kidding aside, my favorite overall is Tilly McReese.  She is a joy to work with, definitely embraces the role and acts the part very well, especially demonstrating defiance while helpless in the hands of her captor.

screencaps and pics copyright 2007-2023 Heroine Universe

LJ:  It is always hard for me not to pick Tilly, since she was basically my portal into the Ultraverse.  She probably sits solidly in my #2 spot, even when #1 has changed.


SHB: Since the crackdown from the credit card companies and restrictions on some clip sites, this category has recently given me fewer opportunities to find some favorites.

My favorite is Chrissy Marie in UltraGirl’s Biggest Fan also starring and produced by Star Nine.  Chrissy does a great job of slowly succumbing to the cloth.

screencap copyright © 2011-2014 starbondmedia

A second favorite, also starring Chrissy Marie, was in UltraGirl: Immobilized, also produced by Chrissy.  In it, UltraGirl is frozen in place by a drug administered by a villain called (of all things) The Binder.  As she struggles to talk, The Binder places a cloth over her nose and mouth and she succumbs to the fumes slowly.  Since she is frozen in place, she is knocked out while still standing in a heroic pose.  It’s a scene I wrote specifically to add a different dynamic to the chloroform trope.

screencap © 2023 captivechrissymarie

LJ:  Chloroform is by far my favorite capture kink, so while I enjoy almost any chloro scenes…it takes something special to hold my top spot.  So maybe it shouldn’t be surprising that mine is also from a Chrissy video, as she obviously has a penchant for the ether soaked rag.  Mine comes from the video UltraGirl: Ambushed At Home

UltraGirl Ambushed at Home by CaptiveChrissyMarie.com

I just love how the villain grabs her and holds her, traping her arm. She gives the right amount of struggle, and I think it’s paced out really well; a nice and gradual wear down until the bad guy lays her unconscious and helpless on the floor…mmmm hmm, I’m getting drowsy just thinking about it…


LJ: It’s been two years since my UltraGirl Obsession began, and in that time I’ve seen a lot of things crammed in our poor heroine’s mouth…Rings, tape, strips of cloth and big rubber balls, a magician’s sleeve worth of handkerchiefs, but in those 2 years none have unseated Heroine Universe’s UltraGirl: Crimestopper Stopped starring Kobe Lee as my favorite gag.  Cleavegags are always going to be my fav, and I just love the bandana they chose, it’s sooo pretty!  I think Heroines in Peril deserve more pretty implements of peril.

UltraGirl: Crimestopper Stopped by Heroine Universe Nylon Fantasies

SHB: One of the gag types I have written in my stories is UltraGirl being gagged by her own red shorts.  This can be seen in UltraGirl vs The Pusher starring and produced by Captive Chrissy Marie.

screencap © 2023 captivechrissymarie

And in Outsourcing the Capture of UltraGirl starring Rachel Adams and produced by Eric Cain’s Futile Struggles.

screencap copyright futilestruggles.com

Heroine Universe has also used this gag in UltraGirl Delivered starring Carmen Valentina as UltraGirl.

screencap copyright 2007-2023 Heroine Universe


LJ: My favorite bondage scene comes to us from Heroine Universe in the video UltraGirl: Collected starring Macy Nikole & Lora Cross. 

After being captured, UltraGirl is cleavegagged and bound with rope, arms behind her back and legs tied at the ankles.  It’s simple practical bondage, which is what I prefer.  What sets this apart for me is that all her struggling is done in the backseat of a car, while she’s being transported to be turned over to the villainous The Collector…

UltraGirl: Collected by Heroine Universe

It’s just a little bit of context that adds a sense of growing desperation to the peril.  And Macy is absolutely amazing in this scene!  She doesn’t just squirm around until the camera stops, you really get a sense of her anger at being captured, that anger becoming frustration, then desperation…before finally exhausting herself to a point of resignation.  Her performance is what takes this from being cos-play bondage to a heroine in peril video, in my opinion.

SHB: From a bondage standpoint, it’s hard to beat any of the videos produced by ShinyBound. Out of the ones that he has produced with UltraGirl, the most recent one starring Kendra James stands out (UltraGirl vs Her Own Belt). There was no script involved so what the video turned into was what they came up with that day. UltraGirl is tied spreadeagle standing up with, according to the dialogue, rope made from the materials in her power belt. So if you go with the story, she is being made helpless by the very thing that is the source of her power.  He hangs the power belt in front of her as a form of taunting since the belt is torturously out of reach.

screencap © 2015 – 2023 SHINYBOUND.COM

A runner up would be from UltraGirl vs The Pusher  where UltraGirl is tied up in a chair with her boots removed and power belt on, her toes and her index fingers bound in some thin wire. The Pusher has the wires wirelessly connected to bombs all over the city.  While UltraGirl has all of her powers, she can’t break the wires because that will break the connection to the bombs and they will go off simultaneously.  She is helpless to stop him from pulling down the top of her leotard and cleavegagging her so that she is properly presented for the police captain to find her.

screencaps © 2023 captivechrissymarie

screencaps © 2023 captivechrissymarie

screencaps © 2023 captivechrissymarie


LJ:  For my favorite trap, I do have to jump to that next generation hotness: UltraGirl Tied to the Tracks, produced by and starring Calisa Bliss.  UltraGirl is investigating a villains secret lair when, she picks up a magical rock -instantly, she can’t speak, or put down the rock, effectively binding her hands, and gagging her, through strange and disconcerting means. 

UltraGirl Tied to the Tracks by Calisa Bliss Bondage

Meanwhile the villain saunters over at his apparent leisure, to remove her belt, leaving our heroine powerless! I’ve never seen anything like it before, it’s new and creative, and not to mention; it’s an actual trap.  UltraGirl is suckered in, takes the bait, and is caught completely unaware.  I love a sneak attack with chloroform, but nothing beats the sudden defeat of a clever villain’s well-laid trap.

UltraGirl Tied to the Tracks by Calisa Bliss Bondage

SHB: UltraGirl In The Clutches of The Black Cat part 2. Ever since the “liquistiff” trap on Bondage Cafe featuring Christina Carter as O-Girl and Diana Knight as Lady Felina, I had fantasized recreating it with UltraGirl. That fantasy would come to life in 2020. You have to suspend disbelief a tad to envision this liquid polymer hardening around UltraGirl’s body, but the peril of being trapped in an invisible shell as a trophy harkens back to the Wonder Woman season 3, episode 4 “The Fine Art of Crime” from October 13, 1978.  In it, Wonder Woman is forced to trade out one of her bracelets for a device that puts her in suspended animation.  She is put on display in a museum, supposedly frozen forever.

screencap © 2023 BONDAGECAFE.COM


SHB: Cinched & Secured.  Not only is he the original “Collector” from Rachel Adams’ first video appearance as UltraGirl, he has been a great collaborator on the customs I have ordered from him.  He has been particularly patient with me as he tends to get the more elaborate scripts that are heavy on specific dialogue from me due to the “Ultraverse Crisis” storyline that I am trying to advance.  He is also really skilled in staging shots and developing dialogue for scripts where I have not given alot of specifics.  I know he treats the talent with whom he works with a high level of respect.  And as far as UltraGirl is concerned, he has alot of respect for the character in all of his productions.

Quite honestly, I am grateful to all of the producers that I have worked with in that they have brought many of my fantasies to life.

screencaps © 2023 cinchedandsecured

screencaps © 2023 cinchedandsecured

screencaps © 2023 cinchedandsecured

screencaps © 2023 cinchedandsecured

LJ:  I have to go with Heroine Universe as my favorite producer. 

UltraGirl: Mesmerized Reporter by Heroine Universe

I have no idea what goes into custom videos, scripting them, or anything like that.  However, it seems like most of my favorite UltraGirl videos are from Heroine Universe.  They seem to put a little more story, or at least a little more context behind each film.  Even when they just use the fadeout ending, or the heroine is already captured at the start, I still always feel like I’ve seen more than just a bondage scene when I finish an HU video. 

Heroines on Patrol: Where’s Wonder Womyn by Heroine Universe

UltraGirl: Countdown Continues by Heroine Universe


SHB: For fans of the DC Comics multiverse, Earth 2 has been the historical home of the Justice Society, the precursor to the Justice League during the 1940s. Earth 2, until recently, had been portrayed as a world from our past, with vintage styles and looks.  The model that embodies that is Abby Dandy (aka Daisy Daniels at Imago Studios). She has had a number of UltraGirl clips that have been released on her OnlyFans, so if you’re not a paid subscriber, you may not have seen them.  

Her only non-OF appearance was Crisis on Earth 2 produced by Imago Studios. In it, she’s searching for clues but is gassed unconscious, eventually bound without her power belt. Abby plays UltraGirl in a fun, over the top way that I love, and this story is part of the larger Ultraverse Crisis storyline.

pictures copyrighted by Imago Studios

pictures copyrighted by Imago Studios

LJ:  My hidden gem is Michael Myers Vs. UltraGirl, by producer Fettish and starring Sage Pillar

Michael Myers Vs. UltraGirl, by producer Fettish

It features some really strict bondage, which usually isn’t my thing.  However slasher flicks really are my thing, and Halloween is one of my favorites.  I’ve really enjoyed Sage as UG in other videos.  She doesn’t get to do much more than squirm and whimper in this one, but seeing her getting manhandled by the notorious Shape hits a little happy button I didn’t expect.  This video actually doesn’t feature much of what I usually look for, but I have a lot of fun with it and keep coming back for more, which is why it’s my hidden gem.

Michael Myers Vs. UltraGirl, by producer Fettish


SHB: As far as models that have joined the UltraGirl multiverse since your first article, it’s so tough to pick one, especially since I ordered customs for most of them and added them to the roster for something specifically different with each video. Calisa Bliss has been great to collaborate with and her acting and theatricality adds alot to the character.  I also had the pleasure of meeting her in person at FetishCon in 2022.  She’s genuinely enthusiastic in her work and is always exploring new things.

pictures courtesy of SH Binder

pictures courtesy of SH Binder

LJ:  My favorite newcomer to the Ultraverse since that original article has been Sage Pillar.  I love the energy she brings to any video she’s in.  She has these big expressive eyes, and they make her perils and bondage so hot.  Something about them also helps draw me into the videos in a way I don’t always find in SHIP films.

Sage Pilar – UltraGirl: Chained Hostage by Bondage Suite Video Room

UltraGirl: No Way Home by Kobe Lee Fetish Paradise


LJ: I also want to add a section for our favorite villain, because it’s one of the things I look for in a video.  Some of the models are great at bringing across the peril and story by themselves, but it’s always better when there’s a villain standing over her gloating.  Plus, even when they are present, it’s easy for a sexy heroine in peril to overshadow what the villain, and the the actor portraying them, adds to the video.  So I think they deserve a little appreciation as well.

For my favorite Ultraverse villain I have to pick Ariel X from UltraGirl: Delivered

UltraGirl; Delivered by Heroine Universe

She brings so much life to that video.  You can tell she’s having fun playing the bad guy.  And she torments our poor UltraGirl with a sultry wickedness that leaves me squirming in my seat, and ready to whimper for “more please, Mommy…”

UltraGirl; Delivered by Heroine Universe

I also need to give an honorable mention to Castro Covington, who played the villain in Crisis on Earth TM from Terrastemptations.com. He’s razor fine and deliciously evil…and he definitely lent some inspiration to one of my own villains, Matteo La Falce.

Crisis on Earth TM from Terrastemptations.com.

SHB: I have to go all the way back to the beginning and say The Collector.  The multi-year plot that I have been working on since 2016 all started with Rachel Adams as UltraGirl meeting The Collector for the first time in a custom video produced by Cinched & Secured.  He is sort of a mashup between The Collector from Marvel and The Monitor from DC.  It has been fun to see the story evolve with each video and find out, over time, why The Collector has been capturing and testing UltraGirls from across the multiverse.  

screencaps © 2023 cinchedandsecured

screencaps © 2023 cinchedandsecured

screencaps © 2023 cinchedandsecured

The runner up for me is The Pusher from UltraGirl vs The Pusher, starring Captive Chrissy as UltraGirl.  I had seen the character Kilgrave played by David Tennant on the Jessica Jones Netflix Marvel series and was intrigued by his power set.  Mind control had been done before but a villain who could command UltraGirl’s body to do his will while she kept control of her mind seemed particularly devious.  Plus, it gave me an opportunity to neutralize UltraGirl without removing her powers, adding to her helplessness and frustration.

screencap © 2023 captivechrissymarie


SHB: On a whim, I had reached out to Jim Weathers with an idea for an UltraGirl script. To my delight, he agreed to shoot it for me! The collaboration with Jim was alot of fun and he shot everything I had scripted in UltraGirl In The Clutches of The Black Cat starring Captive Chrissy Marie as UltraGirl and Ashley Lane as The Black Cat.

Two of my favorite traps from Bondage Cafe are in here and Chrissy gives one of her best performances as UltraGirl.  In part 1, she plays the right amount of defiance and disgust of The Black Cat’s advances coupled with gasps of helplessness as she endures the “Cat’s Wand” while tied to the rack in rope.  In part 2, strapped down to a table, The Black Cat pours a liquid polymer over UltraGirl’s body and her struggles grow slower and slower as the polymer slowly hardens.

screencaps © 2023 BONDAGECAFE.COM

LJ:  It’s always hard for me to pick a favorite video.  I’m the type that gets real excited about every new shiny object I see, so my first instinct is usually to say that whatever is the most recent video I’ve been watching, is my favorite.  However, giving it a little more thought than that…the UG video I go back to regularly and most often is UltraGirl: Delivered by Heroine Universe, starring Carmen Valentina and Ariel X.

UltraGirl: Delivered by Heroine Universe, starring Carmen Valentina and Ariel X.

It’s a video that features several of the things I look for specifically.  Even though Carmen, as UltraGirl, begins the video in peril, she keeps trying to escape and has to be subdued multiple times.  She is chloroformed more than once, carried OTS, overpowered and outwrestled, molested, fondled and eventually fucked.  Using a variety of perils is always going to be a way straight to my heart, and err, other parts…  Ariel is also a scintillating villainess, as discussed above.  Carmen is also one of my favorite UltraGirls! She’s spunky and fiery, but also has a very sexy sense of vulnerability once the peril starts.

UltraGirl: Delivered by Heroine Universe, starring Carmen Valentina and Ariel X.

This is one of those videos where every moment brings a malicious sensuality that keeps me squirming, and cumming back for more!  

And I think that’s all the categories, plus a few new additions. So now it’s your turn Besties! Let us know in the comments what videos, scenes and models are your Ultra-Favorites!

And of course if you haven’t yet ventured Into and Across the Ultraverse, you should definitely head over to The Adventures Of UltraGirl fan site to begin your journey. And speaking of, it has been such a blast having SH Binder joining me these last couple of weeks!

Thank You Thank You for everything you’ve shared and contributed and most definitely for creating this amazingly fun and varied version of UltraGirl!

SHB: Thanks for having me and for your enthusiasm for the character!  Special thanks to the models and producers who have brought UltraGirl and her adventures to life!  To the fans out there, you can follow UltraGirl and her adventures (or drop me a line) here: https://allmylinks.com/AdvOfUltraGirl.

LJ: And that’s all we’ve got for you this week, Besties. So until next time,

Take Care, Talk Soon,

Your bffs SHB & L J

The Fall Of UltraGirl by HollyRope.com starring Rachel Adams

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