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authored by Lady Jane, with guest Sam Houston Binder

Lady Jane: Heya Besties!  Today we have got something extra special for you.  Two years ago I discovered the superheroine-in-peril UltraGirl, and an obsession was born.  I shared an article here on the blog where I talked about how I had found out about her, and made a whole list of Ultra-favorites that I’d found while watching through her videos.  Some of her videos, anyway.  See, UltraGirl is a character who has been played by numerous models, and showcased by many producers, with each of them putting their own spin and flair on the character and her misadventures.  

In the last two years this Ultraverse has only continued to expand and become even more exciting, and likewise my obsession has grown along with it.  Lately, with so many new models playing the part, and facing so many new perils, I’ve been feeling like it’s high time I updated that original article…and I’ve enlisted some help to do it:  None other than the creator of UltraGirl, Sam Houston Binder!

On top of having created this version of UltraGirl, SHB is the admin of the website Adventures of UltraGirl, where he collects and catalogs all the videos starring UG, and all the models to have played her.  And I do mean ALL of them.  Seriously, if you’re looking to delve into the Ultraverse, there is no better place to start.

However, before we get started; SHB would you mind sharing a little more about yourself, and how you got into heroine peril? 

SHB: Sure! And thanks for having me!  My origins are much like the people I have met on this journey that grew up during the 70s and 80s. I was a collector of comic books and had a fondness for the reruns of the 60s Batman TV show and the Wonder Woman TV show starring Lynda Carter. Every time a bondage or peril scene appeared on screen, especially Batgirl or Wonder Woman, I would get excited. 

During the same time, pantyhose was all the rage and I got my pantyhose kick watching Wonder Woman, Three’s Company and The Dukes of Hazzard.  The shiny outfits on the 70s Buck Rogers TV show were also a turn on.

Hanes ad
Hanes ad

As I grew older, I was introduced to superheroine peril/bondage through the Harmony Concepts videos and magazines. The serial series featuring The Crooked Claw and the adventures of Spellbinder (played by Darla Crane, Kelsie Chambers, Allison Brach) were my gateway into the online world of superheroine bondage. 

My first custom orders were for photo stories featuring Wonder Woman.  Nowadays, I channel my creativity and interests into my version of the character UltraGirl who features characteristics of all of these interests.

So, LJ, tell me about your personal origin story.

LJ: Actually, I’ve kind of always been fascinated with damsels in distress.  Even when I was very young I didn’t have pretend tea parties; I was the fairy tale princess trapped in the evil dragon’s tower.  Likewise, I’ve always been a writer.  In fourth grade I got my first creative writing assignment, and I loved it immediately.  I have been writing ever since.  When I was older and discovered heroine peril porn on the internet, it was mainly through Alex David and Alex Bettinger videos.

That’s when I really began to explore my kinks.  It was sort of freeing to realize that I wasn’t the only one with these interests.  This led me to finding forums where people were sharing their own heroine peril stories, mostly fan fiction.  However, none of those stories really satisfied me.  No offense to those authors, because they did inspire me to start writing my own.  I absolutely loved sinking into these perilous misadventures, and writing them from the heroine’s POV was far more immersive for me than reading a story, or any video I could watch. 

SHB: I love writing these types of stories as well. I’d probably write more if I had better keyboarding skills. 😀

So, LJ, what was it that attracted you to the character UltraGirl to begin with?

LJ: I came across a video starring Tilly McReese as UltraGirl, where she was tied to a tree and left to freeze in the snow.  At the time I had literally just written a scene in Bombshell: Toxic Riverside, where Dr. Kelvin traps the titular heroine in a cold room and freezes her into submission.  It was so serendipitous, I felt like I had to get Tilly’s video.

(screencaps from UltraGirl: UltraFrozen by TillyTown)

I was immediately on board with UltraGirl, because she had a power belt. The removal of which is one of my favorite methods to depower and capture a superheroine.  I also really liked the costume.  It was simple but iconic, and it was a costume!  I’ve mentioned this here before, but nothing takes me out of a video quicker than when the heroine is basically just wearing a star spangled bikini, or the like.  Plus, UltraGirl’s costume looks really fun for a villain to remove; with the belt and boots, the red hot-pants to peel off, the leotard underneath, pantyhose to rip…Mm hmm! 

Arielle Lane from UltraGirl Ambushed, Hogtied and Gagged produced by Arielle Lane

Stripping the heroine is another hot button part of the peril for me.

I also like that she’s an original character.  Creativity is definitely a turn on for me.  I like seeing new ideas and imagination being put on display.  So the fact that she wasn’t just another Wonderous Womyn or Superior Girl was very intriguing to me.  (No offense to them, I love lots of WW and SG videos, but still…) Add to that just how many different models and producers were and are putting their own spin on UltraGirl across so many videos, it makes it exciting just to see how each one differs.

Above, you mentioned channeling your own creativity and interests into your version of UltraGirl. So now I’m curious about how she came together, and what specifically IS your vision of the ill-fated heroine? 

SHB: I had always liked the Supergirl costume from the 70s, which included the billowy blouse and the hot pants type shorts.

The front cover of The Dynamic New Adventures of Supergirl

But Supergirl’s power set was too powerful for me and to rely on kryptonite, magic or red solar rays to depower her seemed to be too limiting to place UltraGirl in enough peril for my fantasies.  Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman had the limitation of having to wear her “magic belt” to have her Amazonian powers away from Paradise Island. So, I adopted that as UltraGirl’s limitation.  The shiny costume features are an homage to the Buck Rogers series of the 70s and the suntan-colored pantyhose were inspired by the TV Wonder Woman.

My vision for UltraGirl is that she is a powerful heroine, with high morals and ethics, who in her quest to be a superheroine, finds herself depowered and placed in perilous situations often due to her weaknesses being exploited.  Her power set has varied over the years but she is often played as a moderately-powered Supergirl who is susceptible to chloroform, needles, and extreme cold, and completely powerless when her power belt is removed.

My first UltraGirl custom video was from footage I shot while working with Constance in June 2016. At that first meeting, we used whatever items she had on hand when she traveled.  Over time, as I ordered more customs, I looked for items on Amazon that matched my vision for UltraGirl and had them ordered for Constance.  UltraGirl’s look was finalized by March 2017.

Constance as UltraGirl, photo credit: SH Binder

So LJ, as you explored all the videos out there featuring this version of UltraGirl, what compels you to buy the ones you buy?

LJ: That’s actually kind of tough for me to answer.  My whims are as unpredictable as the winds.  Sometimes I’ll get infatuated with a specific model. I recently went on a Macy Nikole binge for example, and bought every UltraGirl she made.  Other times I may search for several videos with a particular bondage position highlighted.  

Macy Nikole as UltraGirl, screencap credit Macy Nikole’s Fetish Fantasies

I guess the main thing I look for is, do we get to see the capture?  I am always disappointed when the video starts and UltraGirl (or any heroine/damsel) is already tied up.  I need to see her belt being taken off.  Or the chloroform soaked rag being clamped over her face.  Or that pesky tranquilizer dart sticking out of her cute little ass.

Lil Mizz Unique as UltraGirl (credit: Bound In The Midwest)

Captive Chrissy Marie as UltraGirl (credit: ShinyBound)

I also look for the ones with a present villain.  Some of the models are good at bringing across the peril of her predicament solo…but it’s always better when a villain is standing over the heroine, gloating and taunting.  I guess it boils down to needing some story elements.  I don’t expect full blown plots with multiple locations in all my porn, but I need a little something more than 5 minutes of a bound superheroine struggling on the floor.

I think it’s so cool to hear how you came up with UltraGirl, and the different elements that went into her creation, but now I’m curious about your perilous kinks.  We know you built UG to get into trouble, so what kinds of distress do you like to see your damsel in?

SHB: Wow, that’s a great question. So, early on, my specific kink was to see UltraGirl hogtied with rope, bootless and beltless, with her power belt torturously out of reach.  As to how she gets there, I’ve mixed and matched different plot elements.

Arielle Lane from UltraGirl Ambushed, Hogtied and Gagged produced by Arielle Lane

I’ve also been interested in ways for UltraGirl to “get in trouble” while retaining her powers (and power belt) or her being forced to hand over her power belt to the villain because of a threat to the city or the “superheroine-takes-the-place-of-the-hostage” trope.  I’ve also ordered some customs where UltraGirl is bound in her secret identity and has to get to her belt to escape.  These scenes include struggling by the model where the UltraGirl costume is partially revealed as she struggles.

Madalynn Raye as UltraGirl in UltraGirl Caught and Captive

If the producer and model are willing, I do script in some outdoor scenes to help sell that these stories occur in real world settings and not always the hogtied-on-a-hotel bed scene.  If you go back to the Wonder Woman and Batman TV shows I grew up with, I always enjoyed seeing the heroes on a real life street or on the outside of a real building.

Rachel Adams as UltraGirl in UltraGirl Captured and Strung Out in the Sun produced by Rachel Adams Fantasies

So, if you were going to write a script for an upcoming UltraGirl adventure, what would you like to see in it?

LJ:  Ooooh, I love this exercise. Although I have to admit I don’t know what custom pricing is like, or how to write a script.  I do know that I like videos with multiple captures and costume changes.  So, I’d probably start with UltraGirl undercover, or in her secret identity conducting an investigation into her current Big Bad.  She has come to the home of a small time crook, to try and find out where the big evil plan is taking place.  While she is snooping though, the criminal finds her and catches her with a chloroform soaked rag!  UltraGirl struggles, but succumbs to the chloroform.  When she wakes up, the criminal has her bound and gagged.  He begins to grope and fondle her, all the while bragging about the Big Bad’s evil plan and his own involvement.  They’re all going to be rich, bwahaha!  But this inadvertently gives UltraGirl the information she needed…unfortunately she’s currently in no position to stop their plot at the moment.  As the crook begins to strip her, he finds her costume underneath her regular clothes and realizes the truth…he runs off to get the Big Bad but UltraGirl manages to escape. 

Now recovered, she transforms and goes to stop the Big Bad and their evil plot.  She shows up at the location she obtained while captured, and confronts the Big Bad.  At full power now, she thrashes him around at first, but just before he’s defeated…the villain accidentally snags her belt and yanks it off!  UltraGirl is powerless!  She tries to retrieve the belt but now she is no match for Big Bad.  He defeats her effortlessly and throws her in the back of his van, or truck or whatever vehicle, while he completes his evil plot.  UltraGirl is helpless and cannot escape.  Big Bad then takes her back to his headquarters…and as a celebration for completing his vile task, he has his way with poor helpless UltraGirl.  When he’s finished, he leaves her bound and gagged and puts her belt just out of reach…but visible.  As we wrap things up, the defeated heroine is beginning to stir, and struggle again…but after her ordeal does she have the heart left to escape?  Can she even get to her belt if she tries?  Or has Big Bad finally conquered UltraGirl?  Fade to black.

I have to say I fall closely in line with a lot of the kinks and perils you brought up before.  Chloroform is a BIG hook for me.  I especially like the videos where she is in her secret identity and we see her costume peeking out as she struggles.  Non-con groping and sex are a big part of my kinks though, so if I’m scripting a video, those are for sure going to be in there.

But the non-con stuff is not a kink you mentioned before, which makes me wonder, what it’s been like watching your creation, your UltraGirl being subjected to so many other peoples’ whims and kinks and fantasies.  Or maybe just in general, can you talk about how it’s been seeing this Ultraverse grow and expand…not always without your input?

SHB: Great question. When this adventure with UltraGirl started, I had no idea how quickly it would grow into what it is today.  When I started in 2016, I started slowly and with a small number of models.  Then one day in 2018, a video clip went on sale starring Rachel Adams as UltraGirl, a video clip that I had not scripted or ordered.  I purchased it and enjoyed it, initially enjoying the additional content with my character.  But then another video clip posted.  Then another.  To be honest, my initial reaction was “Hey!  That’s my character!  You don’t get to play with her!  She’s mine!”  Now, understandably, since the name “UltraGirl” is not unique and since I believe I have no legal right to this version of the character, I just sat back and watched things unfold.  


Rachel Adams in UltraGirl Meets the Therapist produced by Cinched and Secured

Terra Mizu in Crisis on Earth TM produced by Terra Mizu

Kobe Lee in Crimestopper Returns produced by Kobe Lee

Lil Mizz Unique in UltraGirl Tries to Stop The Goon produced by Bound in the Midwest

Dresden in UltraGirl Captured produced by ShinyBound

I found out later that Rachel traveled with the UltraGirl costume and that multiple producers took an interest in having her play the character in their own productions for their sites.  In the time period from 2018-2019, 26 UltraGirl videos starring Rachel Adams were posted for sale and only 6 of them were written by me. Truthfully, most (but not all) of the videos produced that were not written by me maintained the spirit of the character and put UltraGirl in perils similar to my own tastes.  And Rachel especially was a good custodian of the character, letting producers know her powers and her vulnerability when her power belt was removed. 

Rachel Adams as UltraGirl (screencap credits Bondage Down South and Respectful Bondage)

LJ: That’s actually really cool to hear. Rachel Adams is definitely an UltraGirl G.O.A.T.

SHB: Since UltraGirl was created out of my vision and my fantasies, to see all of this content created that I could purchase without having to invest custom video money for their production has been mostly satisfying.

After 2019, I decided to get more of my stories out there.  I continued to work with Rachel but decided to expand my custom video ordering to new models and new producers.  Amazingly, the largest growth of the UltraGirl “Ultraverse” happened in 2020, the first year of the pandemic.  23 new models had their first appearances as UltraGirl and 20 new producers shot their first UltraGirl video in 2020.  Producers and models were still producing but, in many cases, these were solo shoots due to travel restrictions and limitations imposed by the pandemic.

Many of these models got their UltraGirl costumes from me and some producers got in on the act and ordered UltraGirl costumes for their own studios.  Throughout this process, I have been able to get to know many of these talented creators, many of them, models and producers, sharing similar fetish origin stories and an affection for superheroine cosplaying and content.  Since the costumes are “everywhere,” UltraGirl content creation took on a life of its own and with only 3 or 4 exceptions, I have enjoyed every one of the videos whether they were written by me or not.

One of the best outcomes of the growth of UltraGirl was your blog article from 2021 called “My UltraGirl Obsession.”  Please tell me the story of what compelled you to write it?

LJ: Oh geez, well that’s Ultra-flattering!  You know I was actually kind of nervous posting that article.  I had found your site, and I was not clear on who, if anyone, owned UltraGirl or where exactly all those videos were coming from (individual studios notwithstanding).  I had no idea how the Ultraverse was going to respond to me sticking my nose in it. Haha!  So I was relieved and glad you enjoyed the post, and I’ve been grateful for the interactions we’ve been able to have over the last two years.  That being said, the story behind the article might not be all that interesting…

I had just gone on my first UltraGirl video buying binge, and so she was on my mind when I needed a new article.  My favorite thing about the Dangerotic blog is having the ability to take this journey of exploring my various kinks, and share it with my Besties.  Whether that’s through my own writing and fantasies, or through the kinky content I consume.  So if something catches my attention, or sparks my imagination, of which your UltraGirl has done both, then I gots to do an article on it!

For the article itself, I wanted to try and catch the feelings I had delving across the Ultraverse.  To be honest, I was having as much fun just exploring the different stories and finding the little twists on the character, as I was watching the videos for kinky reasons.

Arielle Lane from UltraGirl Ambushed, Hogtied and Gagged produced by Arielle Lane
Tilly McReese in UltraGirl Returns by Heroine Universe
Captive Chrissy Marie in UltraGirl vs The Pusher

Which is also part of the reason I was so meticulous about noting the title/model/studio for every image I used in that article.  Not only did I want to give an idea for the scope of just how far reaching UltraGirl was, but for how much fun it is exploring all the different kinks and perils of the Ultraverse.

That, and I wanted to make it easy for all my Besties to find the videos that might have been their gateway into the Ultraverse.  Here on the Dangerotic blog we’re big proponents of paying for our porn.  It is so important to support the models, studios, artists and creatives we enjoy, so they can keep on making such wonderful art.  I definitely hoped that article would inspire a few of my Besties to buy an UltraGirl video or two, and support the people making this sexy and exciting heroine peril.

SHB:  I completely agree with you!  I mentioned to Rachel Adams in 2021 at a shoot that I had wanted to create a fan website to promote all of these videos, models and producers in one place.  She shared with me that a fan/friend of hers had purchased the adventuresofultragirl.com domain name for her to create such a site.  She figured that since I had started this (and I had the time), I should be the one to build the fan site.  So I did!

The intent of the website was to promote all of the videos and creators behind those videos to help drive sales.  Hopefully, in some small way, it has helped these creators, models and producers get some publicity around their sites, stores and other work.

One personally satisfying and annoying thing I do on occasion is to do a Google image search on “UltraGirl” and “UltraGirl bondage.”  The satisfying side is that I see multiple images featuring my version of UltraGirl for several pages on Google.  The annoying (and infuriating) side of this is to see that a good portion of the images are from pirate sites.  

I am told by some producers that this is just part of the business.  Others actively pursue and report pirates when they learn about them. For me to know firsthand how much time, energy and work go into all of these videos and to see pirating widespread makes me go the emotional spectrum from as mild as shaking my head to as intense as pounding my fist on my desk.  I am very grateful for the fans that support these creators by purchasing their products.  There may never be a day when paying customers outnumber pirates but every legitimately purchased video helps keep these adventures coming.

LJ: I couldn’t have said it better!

Gosh, this has been so much fun!  I love talking about kinks and creativity, and all the elements that go into the characters and stories we love.  UltraGirl has always sparked my own imagination and this conversation has been no different!  So my final question may seem a bit self-serving, but as I’m here talking with her creator, I have to ask it.

We know that there is a whole multiverse of UltraGirls out there, so if I were going to, say, introduce an UltraGirl into my Perilverse, what would you like to see in her adventures?  Are there perils or elements of her character you would like to see explored in new ways, given the differences between her usual audio/visual medium as compared to my Dangerotic writing style?

SHB: For the video and photo content that I have commissioned, I have specifically stayed away from the more hardcore elements.  It’s not that I don’t have those ideas or kinks.  It’s just not where I have chosen to invest my time/money.  There are some UltraGirl scripts that I have penned that include forced orgasm scenes (see UltraGirl vs The Pusher starring Chrissy Marie) but nothing more hardcore than that.

UltraGirl’s origin story had been partially filmed by a producer in 2020, but that producer has since gone on hiatus.  UltraGirl’s origin does include her being captured by aliens and being experimented on with a bit of a kink bent to it.

For stories in the Perilverse where some of the more erotic situations can be explored, there are definitely places where UltraGirl can go that I haven’t taken her to date.  Some ideas I have had that I haven’t put full pen to paper on mostly involve UltraGirl in her superheroine persona and in her secret identity exploring her own sexuality either on her own or through a perilous predicament.  For example, in kind of an “UltraGirl Year One” sort of story, UltraGirl explores her powers at home which may include ultraspeed use of her hand or using her ultravision (heat vision) at low power reflected off of a mirror onto herself.  

Creatively, I’d like to explore ways to put UltraGirl in peril where she is still fully powered and to escape she has to remove her power belt herself.  I also had a story idea where a different universe’s UltraGirl got her powers from her whole costume, not just the power belt.

I guess, in a multiverse, the ideas are endless.

LJ:  They most certainly are!  And you’ve definitely given me a few things to think about. Unfortunately these articles aren’t endless…and I think we may have gotten a little carried away with this sort of impromptu Q&A&Q.  So how do you feel about coming back next week, to help me update Our UltraGirl Obsession list?

SHB: Absolutely!  This has been fun so far!

LJ:  Great!  I’m so excited!  

But now SHB and I want to hear from you, Besties!  So head down to the comments and tell us how you first found UltraGirl, or if you even have. What is it you love about the heroine and her perilous misadventures?  Or maybe even what would you want to see in a Perilverse Ultragirl?

…I mean if such a perilous adventure were to be annexed to the Ultraverse, of course…

And if you have not yet delved into the Ultraverse, make sure you head over to AdventuresofUltraGirl.com to figure out where and how you want to start your own UltraGirl Obsession.

But that’s all we’ve got for now, so until next week.

Take Care, Talk Soon,

Your bff’s L J & SHB

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