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Having grown up in the 70s, we were limited to 4 TV channels. No on demand services, no internet.

During those times, wearing pantyhose was in and you couldn’t escape advertising for pantyhose … and truthfully, I didn’t want to.

My love of seeing pantyhose on women was enhanced by seeing actresses on TV wearing them including Lynda Carter on Wonder Woman.

The girls on Three’s Company famously wore pantyhose all the time.

Also from the 70s, Daisy Duke wore pantyhose on The Dukes of Hazzard.

That’s why even with Tilted Kilt, Bone Daddy’s, Twin Peaks and other breastaurants available, I still feel more “at home’ at Hooters. Nowadays, Hooters Girls don’t wear the slouch socks … more leg, more pantyhose on display.